Monday, September 18, 2006

The Daily Journal-Will ordinary altruism be enough for Gen Y?

The Daily Journal: "Will ordinary altruism be enough for Gen Y?

Health insurance deductibles. Tuition. Gasoline. Road tolls. As the 1980s laundry detergent ad lamented, 'Calgon, take me away!'

The problem is, even Calgon will dent a pocketbook these days: 20 cents per ounce compared with four cents for Borax and five for Arm & Hammer. Who knew it cost so much to spell relief?

America's young know. While economic indicators show stability, they are rightfully watchful. Reports on Social Security and the War on Terror may sound like mere news bites to most, but ring a loud cha-ching to Generation Y. Off their checks will such debts be paid, worthy as they are, for many years to come."

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Mike said...

This is why colleges might want to spend a little less time strategizing about capital campaigns and a little more time figuring out how to reduce student loan debt.

Extra debt payments = Fewer dollars available for philanthropy