Friday, August 13, 2004

surveyVoluntary Sector HR Council Feasibility Study
Pepperelll Free Press - Today's HeadlinesPepperell Springs receives coveted honor
PEPPERELL -- Efforts of the Pepperell Springs Coalition to purchase the historic 265-acre property on Chestnut Street received major acknowledgment when the Catalogue for Philanthropy accepted the coalition's application to include the project in its annual publication
Nonprofit Online News: The Email Newsletter Marketing Model
Reporter's Journal: 'Singing Sal' tuned in to charitable giving -
Charities to Contest U.S. Terrorism Screening Requirement (
Donated Cars A Boon For Charities
But Practice Draws Increased IRS Scrutiny
The Sun News | 08/13/2004 | Unusable donations crowd charities
New way to promote convention business: DVDs - 2004-08-13 - Pacific Business News (Honolulu)
New Zealand News - NZ - Sex abuser fundraises for children's charity
Cultural Restoration Project Changes Face of TourismSAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- "Volunteer-tourism," a concept that allows travelers to get involved in the cultures they visit, is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism market. Increasingly, people worldwide are putting their hearts and hands to work while on vacation.
FreePint Newsletter 165 - Radio Frequency and eNewsletters
"E-Newsletters: What's the point? And how do you make it?"
By Robin Neidorf

Thursday, August 12, 2004



15:00 - 12 August 2004
Serious concerns about the way a Seal charity is run have been highlighted in an independent report published this week, following repeated allegations of staff bullying.

Although the Charity Commission has decided not to take any further action against the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB), based at Dorton House, its findings condemned certain governance and administration practices at the site. - Entertainment: Long Island and New York City
He wants to be left alone
But that's not easy when you're H. John Heinz IV, the first son of a billionaire and the stepson of a nominee for president
Need more private philanthropy say 73% of affluent Canadians, according to Scotia Private Client Group/Ipsos-Reid poll � Churches, What Is Your Integrity Worth? - VociferousSam | News | ArticleViguerie: Nonprofits Fail to Reach DM's Potential
BW Online | August 12, 2004 | The IRS Calls Nonprofits to Account
Kintera Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Kamtech Information Systems
Connecticut News - State, National and World News from The Hartford Courant - CONNECTICUT NEWSBlumenthal Says Rowland Must Register Fund As Charity
Buffett's wife leaves $2.64 billion to charity -
The Chronicle, 8/12/2004: Five Tips for Keeping a Small Charity Out of Legal Hot Water
Billionaire's Death May Mean Millions for Planned Parenthood's Abortion Business

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

IRS Initiative Will Scrutinize EO Compensation PracticesDIRECT IRS LINK
New Guide Navigates the Hiring Process for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource
Charity still needs help to succeed - Opinion - thespectrum.comAnother scandal has harmed an area charitable organization. This time, charges have been filed against Veronica Garner-Wilson, who was the executive director of Iron County Care and Share until June 2003.

AP Wire | 08/10/2004 | Minneapolis author helps parents teach kids how to handle moneyThey're also learning about bargains and altruism. Brimacomb's 7-year-old son had his heart set on a $90 Wild jersey. But after realizing he didn't have the money, he happily settled on a silk-screened version for $30. A few months ago, the kids decided each would give $20 to a collection for Heifer Project, which buys livestock for impoverished communities.

The State | 08/11/2004 | �Can�t-do� attitude on way out for United Way
Elizabeth Cham argues that shareholders increasingly see philanthropy as a core business responsibility - On Line Opinion - 11/8/2004 > News > Education -- Qualcomm donates $14.5 million to SDSU
More cash for dash - August 10, 2004 Singapore

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

IRS to scrutinize pay of charities' execs - (United Press International)
Life Cycle of a Public CharityNew resource from the IRS
Volunteering and Youth: "Volunteering and Youth" Update 1: Heat Turned Up on Streaming Video Patents
Newport Beach, Calif.-based Acacia Media Technologies Corp. has sent letters to dozens of colleges in recent days claiming the schools' use of streaming video in areas like distance learning and video lectures violates company patents. The message: pay up, or risk getting sued.
Fred's �1m bet on the Reds
And the Salford-born millionaire won't make a penny if he wins, for he has pledged to hand over all his profit to local charities.

Fred has set a deadline of high noon on Saturday for a high roller - preferably a Chelsea supporter - to take him on with the bet that's sure to land him in the Guinness Book of Records
The Black World TodayActivist Economist and Philanthropist Bob Browne Dies at 79
New York--In the Harlem community Robert Span Browne was best known as the founder and the moral center of the Twenty-First Century Foundation, an endowed, public entity that advances strategic black philanthropy
SOI Bulletin - Spring 2004
SOI Bulletin - Spring 2004
Event pairs companies, nonprofits

Groups criticize IRS campaign-finance loophole

Monday, August 09, 2004

Entertainment PhilanthropyIndustry professionals are giving back to the communities that surround them
TODAYonline: "Charities should be registered "Singapore
Charitable Misgivings - - CFO.comCharitable Misgivings

Tax-exempt organizations ''ought to periodically justify that they are doing the job they said they were doing when they applied for exemption.''

ic Berkshire - Review chief slams new charity Bill: "New charity laws have been branded a 'dog's breakfast' by the ex-Cabinet minister heading a Commons review of the proposals."
The Dartmouth OnlineCollege shatters charitable giving records in FY 2004 | PhilanthropyWhy a new golden age of philanthropy may be dawning
May require subscription
Connecticut Business - State, National, World News from The Hartford Courant - BUSINESSInvestors Put Money Where Their Ethics Are
Business Day
Giving to charity a serious business
BBC NEWS | Technology | Sudan web appeal hits record high
GuideStar - News - Articles - Extending Reach through Funding Partnerships
The Chronicle, 8/5/2004: Advocacy Groups Discover the Power of Blogs to Spread Their Messages - Politics Teresa Heinz Kerry makes her mark
Teresa Heinz Kerry brings her considerable force of personality - and sometimes eyebrow-raising style - to the role of candidate’s wife
Study: Nonprofits hurt by TABOR, Amendment 23 - 2004-08-02 - The Denver Business JournalMembers of the Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations (CANPO) said their revenue and funding opportunities have decreased significantly in the last two years as a result of budget reductions resulting from the TABOR Amendment and Amendment 23.

Falwell, politics and religion: TV preacher ready to battle on church's tax-exempt status - Philanthropy � with a differenceLink to audio from NPR
NPR : Some Churches Veer into Politics
Maintain The Estate Tax |
Herald Sun: Thousands give up beds for charity [07aug04]
Channelnewsasia.comUndergraduates, students and disabled artists do their part for charity
Telegraph | News | 'I feel better for giving everything - whether my money or my organs' - U.S. targeting terror cash flow: "The United States has created its own voluntary guidelines for U.S. charities, though it's a touchy issue since no one wants to chill charitable giving for legitimate purposes."
Is It The Right Thing To Do? - Randall NunnThe only problem with Senator DeWine's noble sounding do-gooderism is that nothing in the United States Constitution allows the U.S. Congress to spend money on charitable giving such as this and such expenditures are inappropriate and just plain wrong. | Reports show insurance slide and predict charity decline
Nashville City Paper - Debt counselors might lose IRS tax exemptions
The Insider: Charity gets $557,500 -- Shirley gets one fast car
NCNA Releases Policy Recommendations :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource