Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tallahassee Democrat - - Tallahassee, FL.

Tallahassee Democrat - - Tallahassee, FL.: "Some kids send their birthday gifts to charities By Kathleen Laufenberg DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER

When Marcus Greuling turned 8 years old in May, he asked for cleft-lip-and-palate surgery. Not for himself - he doesn't need it. Marcus wanted it for a child living in the Third World. Someone he doesn't know, but who suffers from this deformity that makes eating and speaking difficult and almost guarantees a life of isolation."

United Way sets up India fund for community work | Indian Muslims

United Way sets up India fund for community work | Indian Muslims: "United Way sets up India fund for community work Posted August 21st, 2007 by Tarique * India News By IANS Washington : In commemoration of India's 60th birthday, United Way International (UWI), a global network of non-profit organisations operating in 45 countries, has announced the launch of United Way Friends of India programme in several Indian cities. With a grant of $250,000 from Barry Griswell, CEO of Principal Financial Group, UWI is to generate resources in North America from non-resident Indians, businesses and other sources to add more United Ways across India."

Volunteer aims to save Nina from rotting away - KRIS-TV -

Volunteer aims to save Nina from rotting away - KRIS-TV - "But one man and his group want to help the Nina set sail again. City officials said they've hired a special museum planner, who has some ideas on how the city can better incorporate and protect the ships. Since the city's resources are limited, local sailor, John Torrey, and his group have offered up their time and workmanship to get the Nina back into ship shape. The Nina's been a part of his life for over a decade, and he said he hopes his group can help. 'We were on the ones who did the work on the ships. We'd like to get it back into ship shape and do the fundraising necessary for new sails, get this back in the water and sail it,' Torrey said."

The Shreveport Times

The Shreveport Times: "Roxann Johnson's departure as head of the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana for family reasons may or may not be in the best interest of that troubled organization, but it does offer up an opportunity for fresh starts, the re-evaluation of methods and missions. It also should provide a reminder to those volunteers who sit on the boards of nonprofit agencies that good organizations require diligent oversight and the need to have the right people in the right jobs."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Orlando Sentinel - A philanthropic face-off by

Orlando Sentinel - A philanthropic face-off by: "So now the full-scale war over who's a better human being is on between two of the richest guys in town. In one corner, we have hotelier Harris Rosen, who (having already declared himself 'more philanthropic' than all of the region's major tourism companies combined) has now accused Rich DeVos of not being generous enough. DevosstIn the other corner, we have DeVos, whose NBA team has long cited his generosity to Central Florida when pushing community leaders to build a new arena. Both men had fans pumping up their philanthropic credentials in dueling My Word's in today's paper. And truth be told, I thought David Siegel did pretty nice on Rosen's behalf and Richard Lapchick didn't do badly for DeVos either ... for what they were doing anyway. Still, the whole thing strikes me as pretty unbecoming -- on several levels. First of all ...."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

US Government Delays Security-Screening Plan for Nonprofit Workers -

US Government Delays Security-Screening Plan for Nonprofit Workers - "US Government Delays Security-Screening Plan for Nonprofit Workers By Ian Wilhelm Thanks in part to loud protests by charities, the U.S. Agency for International Development said it has postponed the start of a controversial plan to screen nonprofit organizations for ties to terrorists. The proposed screening effort, known as the Partner Vetting System, will not begin until the aid agency reviews all comments from charities and others affected by it, James Kunder, the aid agency’s acting deputy administrator, told The Washington Post in an article published today."

Univ tops fundraising record - News

Univ tops fundraising record - News: "Brandeis raised $89.4 million in cash donations for fiscal year 2007, topping last year's record of $81.3 million by 10 percent, according to numbers released July by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The largest contributions came from 'friends' of the University, donors without alumni ties who gave $40.2 million, a $10.7 million increase from last year."

Report Tracks Corporate Katrina Giving | - Houston Chronicle

AFP posts additional stories on Disaster Relief on the Disaster Relief Blog

Report Tracks Corporate Katrina Giving | - Houston Chronicle: "NEW ORLEANS — Corporations and nonprofits have donated more than $1 billion in cash and services to the Gulf Coast since the 2005 hurricanes, a new report shows. The report, being released Monday by the Foundation Center, is billed as the most comprehensive look at disaster-related giving. It is based on gifts and pledges reported by more than 850 donors, from August 2005 to June 2007."

Cause Celeb: Fran Drescher - Give and Take -

Cause Celeb: Fran Drescher - Give and Take - "Each month, we highlight a celebrity involved in a specific charity and have that person talk about his or her work on behalf of the cause. This month, we speak with actress Fran Drescher about her work with Cancer Schmancer, an organization she founded after her own battle with cancer."

Editorial: Valuing the public trust in philanthropy

Editorial: Valuing the public trust in philanthropy: "In that area, Minnesota stands out. To their credit, local grantmakers here have been and continue to be leaders on philanthropic ethics and transparency. Ten years ago, the Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF) became the first U.S. regional group to require its members to subscribe to a set of principles for giving. Recently, the organization updated and revised those principles to reflect changes in giving and in laws governing philanthropy"

Random House opens its books with $1M donation --

Random House opens its books with $1M donation -- "Random House is loosening its purse strings with a $1 million donation to First Book, a nonprofit literacy organization. The gift, a multiyear commitment announced today, is the largest single philanthropic contribution ever made by the house, the world's largest trade book publisher."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Donations rise nearly $40M in '07 - News

Donations rise nearly $40M in '07 - News: "Philanthropic giving to Duke reached a new record this year, eclipsing last year's sum by 11.1 percent. Alumni and non-alumni gifts to the University between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007 totalled $380,059,931, surpassing the record of $341.9 million set in the previous year. The sum includes only actual gifts or money, not money pledged for the future."

United Press International - NewsTrack - Quirks - N.H. college walk focused on philanthropy

United Press International - NewsTrack - Quirks - N.H. college walk focused on philanthropy: "N.H. college walk focused on philanthropy Published: Aug. 26, 2007 at 4:11 PM MANCHESTER, N.H., Aug. 26 (UPI) -- More than two dozen students from New Hampshire's Saint Anselm College finished a grueling 130-mile walk this weekend to help others." -Jack and Mary Ann Frable Give Funds To Complete Curatorial Endowment - The First Art Newspaper on the Net: "RICHMOND, VA.-Jack and Mary Ann Frable of Richmond have made a generous gift to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to complete the match of a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to endow the museum's curatorial chair in ancient art, VMFA Director Alex Nyerges has announced. 'We knew we could truly make a difference not only in the strength of VMFA's ancient art department, but also in the community, because generations of school children have been especially drawn to ancient art for its beauty, mystery and human focus,' the two benefactors said in a statement. 'The objects tell stories, represent myth, and feature struggles and accomplishments that resonate within us all. Through art, children and scholars alike can draw connections between their world and the ancient world, while posing new questions about the human condition.'" :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source: "The United Way of Northwest Arkansas formed July 1, combining the 14 employees from the United Way of Washington County and United Way of Benton County. The group’s $ 4. 5 million fundraising goal, announced earlier this month, is $ 100, 000 less than the separate bodies collected last year. “There is uncertainty at first, but after two or three years, it goes back up,” Darling said. “I’m hopeful that we won’t see that dip, but we aren’t going to raise a lot more money just because we’ve merged together, either.” The United Way of America has never researched the shortterm impact of mergers on contributions, but the national organization is interested in the topic because of the growing number of consolidations among agencies. United Way organizations across the nation are merging in search of the efficiencies found when private companies streamline. United Way of America Vice President Margaux Bergen said 81 agencies have merged since Jan. 1, 2004. Some mergers pulled three or four groups in major metropolitan areas under one umbrella, while others joined two small ones in close proximity."

Nuns Mark Mother Teresa's Birthday -

Nuns Mark Mother Teresa's Birthday - "Nuns Mark Mother Teresa's Birthday By MANIK BANERJEE The Associated Press Sunday, August 26, 2007; 6:21 AM CALCUTTA, India -- Recent revelations about the crisis of faith suffered by Mother Teresa will not hamper her path to sainthood, her successor said Sunday at a ceremony to commemorate the 97th anniversary of her birth."

Charity takes precedence over career for some grads | - Houston Chronicle

Charity takes precedence over career for some grads | - Houston Chronicle: "ATLANTA — With a freshly minted Emory University diploma in hand, Elisabeth Sholtys moved to Pune, India, this summer to run the orphanage she founded three years ago. Asmah Abushagur and Rochester Institute of Technology classmate Jaimen Brill launched a nonprofit that designs braille clothing tags. Georgetown University graduate David Fajgenbaum runs Students of Ailing Mothers and Fathers, a national support network he founded after his mother died of brain cancer when he was 19. And that's where the list starts"

Reclusive philanthropist urges the rich to give - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Reclusive philanthropist urges the rich to give - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "Now, at the age of 76, Mr Feeney has decided to go public with his mission in the hope that others on the rich list will follow his example of giving while living. Dublin-based author Conor O'Clery gained exclusive access to Mr Feeney over more than a decade. His book, The Billionaire Who Wasn't, is due to be published next month. He says one day Mr Feeney decided to give it all away."


WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL: "Foley: Nonprofits help paper find news A Wisconsin State Journal editorial Welcome to 15 organizations that today join the Wisconsin State Journal 's Nonprofit Advisory Board. First organized in 2005, this third iteration of an advisory group for our journalists includes health experts, arts proponents and advocates for the vulnerable."

Singapore charity auction for A-380 flight attracts stampede : Asia World

Singapore charity auction for A-380 flight attracts stampede : Asia World: "Singapore - Hundreds of eager fliers were already registered on Saturday to take part in the Singapore Airlines (SIA) auction for seats on the maiden commercial flight of the A380, the world's largest passenger jet. The auction, which officially kicks off Monday on global online marketplace eBay, closes after two weeks"

The Right Way to Use Web 2.0

The Right Way to Use Web 2.0: "The Right Way to Use Web 2.0

Expert advice on using new marketing techniques; business owners review LinkedIn; researchers analyze social-entrepreneurship ventures; and more

Three Keys to Successfully Exploiting Web 2.0 Entrepreneurs are eager to use the rapidly emerging social networks and blogging tools to get closer to their customers, but first they need to develop a business strategy, according to members of a high-profile panel in a recent discussion at the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest. Panelists included representatives of Technorati, Facebook, and Wetpaint, who offered the following suggestions for best using Web 2.0 techniques:"