Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NP Times / Role Reversal

NP Times / Role Reversal: "November 15, 2006
Social Networking

By Tom Pope

Check out the American Cancer Society (ACS) on the Web portal and you’d think the nonprofit is active in showing videos. If you search for the organization on YouTube, you’ll see the cartoon The Flintstones appearing to change directions after smoking. You’ll also see that $100,000 was raised during one event at Michigan State University. News regarding colorectal cancer is in one video, and the Relay for Life details are shown in another video."

Charity golf tournaments sweet deal for all | - Houston Chronicle

Charity golf tournaments sweet deal for all | - Houston Chronicle: "Charity tournaments sweet deal for all
Worthy causes and golfers both reap the benefits

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

Charity makes a fine excuse to play golf, and Houston is loaded with golfers who will empty their wallets (to miss work) for a good cause. Here's a primer on tapping golf dollars for your group.

'Successful tournaments are planned six months to a year in advance,' said Liz Strong of Wildcat Golf Club. 'Peak periods are March through May, then September and October. If you want a date then, plan way ahead.'"

Investment Executive-Boomers set to change the face of charities: report

Investment Executive: "
Boomers set to change the face of charities: report

Charities outside health services sector will be forced to campaign hard to attract donations

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

By IE Staff


The baby boomer generation’s entrance to retirement will change the face of philanthropy in Canada, according to a TD Economics report, Greying of Canada’s Population Has Far-reaching Implications for Charities, released today."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meet the New Top Givers | BusinessWeek

Meet the New Top Givers | BusinessWeek: " By Bremen Leak

This year’s new top givers are hardly new to philanthropy. Of the 11 newcomers to BusinessWeek’s list of 50 most generous donors, two cracked the top 10, helping vault the five-year giving minimum to an eye-popping $157 million — up from $120 million last year. The lifelong philanthropists have supported every cause from cancer research to conservation to after-school chess and college athletics. So get acquainted. Just don’t call them rookies"

WISH-TV - Indianapolis News and Weather - Lilly Endowment Donates $40M to Center on Philanthropy

WISH-TV - Indianapolis News and Weather - Lilly Endowment Donates $40M to Center on Philanthropy: "Lilly Endowment Donates $40M to Center on Philanthropy

Nov 21, 2006 11:12 AM

WISH-TV newsgathering partner Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University will receive a $40-million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help fund future operating costs, IU President Adam Herbert and Endowment President N. Clay Robbins announced Tuesday morning"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Donating, With Care -

Donating, With Care - "Americans give generously, but that charitable spirit recently has been under assault.

High-profile scandals at United Way and the Nature Conservancy, along with criticism of the Red Cross's response to Hurricane Katrina, have fed a growing unease about big-name nonprofit organizations. Today, 71 percent of the public thinks charities waste too much money, a recent New York University survey found, up from 60 percent three years ago."
Tags: - Shaking charity's foundations - Shaking charity's foundations: "Shaking charity's foundations
Nov. 19, 2006. 07:52 AM

Several years ago I began to notice the word 'philanthropist' in obituaries, which, at age 57 (and a half), I now read. I observed that many of the deceased — no matter their means, age or sex — had been rigorously engaged in benevolent acts."

RedOrbit - Technology - Foundation's Size Stirs Awe and Concern: LIKE MICROSOFT, FOUNDATION DWARFS ALL OF THE OTHERS

RedOrbit - Technology - Foundation's Size Stirs Awe and Concern: LIKE MICROSOFT, FOUNDATION DWARFS ALL OF THE OTHERS: "Foundation's Size Stirs Awe and Concern: LIKE MICROSOFT, FOUNDATION DWARFS ALL OF THE OTHERS

By John Boudreau, San Jose Mercury News, Calif.

Nov. 19--Generations from now, when Windows -- and perhaps even Microsoft -- are no longer part of the lexicon of pop culture, the philanthropy of Bill Gates will be remembered.

Gates' foundation is a bit like the software company he co-founded: It dwarfs all others in American philanthropy.

Just as Microsoft dominates the global consumer software market, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation rises above all others. In 2005, it had assets of $29 billion. The Ford Foundation, the nation's second-largest private foundation, had $11.6 billion in assets.

The disparity will only grow. Over the summer, investor Warren Buffett announced he would give $31 billion to the Gates Foundation, a move that will eventually double the organization's assets to more than $60 billion." | Business | Business: "Inspired by Oprah, a Springfield businesswoman is entrusting 200 people with $100 each this year, asking them to donate the money to those who need it the most.

'It's the gift of giving back,' Patti Penny of Penmac Personnel said Friday.

She made the surprise announcement at the annual luncheon for the local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals at Highland Springs Country Club."

JS Online:Philanthropy for sale?

JS Online:: "Americans have proved time and time again that we are a generous, charitable people. Our nation rarely sees a tragedy, local or overseas, that isn't worthy of our compassion.

As we enter the gift-giving season, we open our wallets and run up our credit cards to give to those we love; we sacrifice some of what is ours for the sake of others. And many of us will send donations to charities that touch us.

But as Lucy from the Peanuts gang would say, it's also 'the gift-getting season.' And more often than in my youth, many of those charitable groups will be compelled to use some of our generously given money to 'pay us back.'"