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Great Falls Tribune - - Great Falls, MT

Great Falls Tribune - - Great Falls, MT: "Mall's rule change leaves bell-ringers, Marines out in cold
Tribune Staff Writer

Two local charities are frustrated that a change in ownership at the Holiday Village Mall has brought tougher restrictions on volunteer-staffed fundraising efforts that they've relied on over the holidays in past years.

Chicago-based GK Development, the mall's new owner, has a policy that generally prevents nonretail groups from soliciting money at its malls, said Devin Hartley, the mall's general manager."

Egger sees new momentum for nonprofits

Egger sees new momentum for nonprofits: "Egger sees new momentum for nonprofits
News · W&M News · Front Page · Robert Egger lecture
Author: David Williard, Source: W&M News
Date: Nov 02, 2006

Robert Egger, who rapidly is emerging as an unintentional leader of a movement to rethink and revitalize the $1.7 trillion nonprofit sector in the United States, encouraged students at the College to use their education to shape the unprecedented momentum that soon will reinvigorate service-based organizations.

Calling the nonprofit sector “an amazing expression of who we are as a nation,” Egger said it is on the verge of being impacted by “a huge wave” composed of retiring baby boomers and graduating college students."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

JS Online:Seeking Donors and Sponsors

JS Online:: "seeking donors and learners
Orchestra's new executive to emphasize fund raising, education
Posted: Nov. 2, 2006

Waukesha - With a résumé filled with fund-raising positions at arts and culture organizations, the new executive director at the Waukesha Symphony Orchestra has plans to aggressively pursue expanded donations and strengthen the organization's educational programs."

Beth's Blog: Widget for Publishing RSS Headlines

Thanks to Beth Kanter for this coverage of our Blogs and tools we are trying. The News Box from RSSmix is on the AFP Blog of Blogs We encourage you to take a look.
Beth's Blog: Widget for Publishing RSS Headlines:

" I put query out on the NTEN affinity group for nonprofit blogging about widgets. Reed Stockman from AFP Blog (Associate of Fundraising Professionals) told me that he is using a widget called RSSMIX to combine feeds and republish them on their Master Blog. He notes that this widget is useful because it: a.) easily allows them to show the most recent news from some of the topical blogs b.) drives traffic c.) fairly easy to install."

Group for nonprofits pushes accountability and ethics

Group for nonprofits pushes accountability and ethics: "BALTIMORE — Five more Maryland nonprofits have made the grade for their ethics, openness and accountability, according to the group that oversees state nonprofit organizations.

The five companies will join 69 other Maryland nonprofits in meeting the Standards for Excellence,"

IJNL Vol 4 Iss 1: Trends in Self-Regulation and Transparency of Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.

IJNL Vol 4 Iss 1: Trends in Self-Regulation and Transparency of Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.: "Trends in Self-Regulation and Transparency
of Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S.
By Robert O. Bothwell


The 1990s were a great trial for U.S. charities: the aftermath of the 1989 conviction of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker for illegal activities connected with their televangelism; the conviction of Bill Aramony, CEO of the United Way of America, for misuse of funds; the conviction of John Bennett, the founder/CEO of the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy, for a pyramid scam; the forced resignation of Peter Diamandoupoulos, the President of Adelphi University, for lavish spending; the forced resignation of the President of Feed the Children in Oklahoma for misuse of funds; the expose of fraudulent advertising by child sponsorship charities -- the list goes on and on when recounting the charity scandals exposed by the media in the past decade. Add in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s blockbuster book, Free Ride: The Tax-Exempt Economy (Gaul & Borowski)."

The Purpose Prize | News Release

The Purpose Prize | News Release: "Purpose Prize for Social Innovators Over 60
Open for Nominations
President Bush, Former President Clinton — Both 60 — Salute Initiative that Showcases Entrepreneurs in the Second Half of Life

Five $100,000 Prizes Invest in Americans Inventing New Ways to Solve Societal Challenges
SAN FRANCISCO — Civic Ventures, a think tank and program incubator helping society achieve the greatest return on experience, today announced the opening of nominations for the 2007 Purpose Prize, a major initiative that invests in Americans over 60 who are leading a new age of social innovation. In its second year, the Prize includes five $100,000 investments and ten $10,000 investments in entrepreneurs in the second half of life who are combining their passion, creativity and experience to address issues of social significance.

Former President William Jefferson Clinton and President George W. Bush, having both turned 60 in 2006, recently endorsed The Purpose Prize." - Charities Rated From 'A' To 'F' - Charities Rated From 'A' To 'F': "Charities Rated From 'A' To 'F'
Group Releases List Of Best, Worst Non-Profits
WBBM 780: Charities Rated

(CBS) CHICAGO As the season of giving arrives - and our mailboxes are stuffed with pleas from charities - the Chicago-based American Institute of Philanthropy is out with its list of some of the best and the worst of the not-for-profits.

As WBBM 780's Steve Miller reports, with a name like the Childrens Cancer Assistance Network, it has to be good. Right?

It might have good intentions, but Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy, gives the Childrens Cancer Assistance Network an 'F.'"

IRS Announces 2007 Standard Mileage Rates

IRS Announces 2007 Standard Mileage Rates: "IRS Announces 2007 Standard Mileage Rates

IR-2006-168, Nov. 1, 2006

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2007 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2007, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (including vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be:

48.5 cents per mile for business miles driven;
20 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes; and
14 cents per mile driven in service to a charitable organization."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 | 10/29/2006 | Women's philanthropy group goes public with causes | 10/29/2006 | Women's philanthropy group goes public with causes: "From John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates, the popular image of the wealthy philanthropist has been male. That stereotype was probably always wrong, historians of philanthropy say, because wives or daughters frequently were the impetus. But as a generation who grew up during the feminist era gains more economic parity with men, begin to think about their legacy and inherit much of a projected $41 trillion generational transfer of wealth, they are gaining a sense of the power of their philanthropic dollars.

And there is a surge in women joining foundations and groups that are giving grants to causes such as reproductive rights."

Electronic Giving - Church Buyers Guide

Electronic Giving - Church Buyers Guide: "Electronic Giving
Embrace the future of tithing.
by Chelan David

In today's wired world, many consumers have set aside their checkbooks in favor of electronic payment systems. Worshipers are no exception, and churches are taking notice of this trend by offering electronic giving options. Propelled by its consistent nature, ease of use, and ability to transcend physical in-house attendance, this relatively new method of accepting offerings is helping churches of all sizes increase their level of donations." | Generous Garnett Gets Citizenship Award | Generous Garnett Gets Citizenship Award: "Generous Garnett Gets Citizenship Award
November 1, 2006
Combined Wire Services

Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett was honored Tuesday with the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for outstanding service and dedication to the community.

Garnett set a standard for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, donating $1.2 million to Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network to build 24 houses over the next two years. He also played in a charity game that benefited Katrina victims and donated $100,000 to Malaysian tsunami relief efforts."

Just as good at giving | Voluntary sector |

Just as good at giving | Voluntary sector | "Just as good at giving

Annie Kelly
Wednesday November 1, 2006
The Guardian

It is an oft-quoted belief in philanthropic circles that the US is years ahead of Europe when it comes to charitable giving. But new research is now calling for a rethink, revealing that Europe's corporate foundations give more than their American counterparts.

Research by the magazine Philanthropy in Europe (PiE) shows that annual spending by Europe's top 25 corporate foundations last year outstripped the US by over €500m (£335m), distributing €1.7bn (£1.14 bn) compared to €1.1bn (£738m) in the US."

RedOrbit - Technology - Are Philanthropic Networks an Effective Method of Giving?

RedOrbit - Technology - Are Philanthropic Networks an Effective Method of Giving?: "Are Philanthropic Networks an Effective Method of Giving?

By Sheridan, Jenny; Curley, Kevin

Hot issue

Philanthropic networks are on the rise. Their aim is to put smaller charities in touch with donors, but some argue they are duplicating existing infrastructure

YES Jenny Sheridan, co-director, The Funding Network

There's growth in philanthropic networks, so people must like them. In The Funding Network, about 80 people meet to hear six- minute 'pitches' from nine mostly small charities, followed by six minutes for questions.

At the end of the day. there is an auction-type session, where attendees pledge money to the charities that attracted them. They write out cheques there and then; the network works out the Gift Aid and sends the totals to the charities."

Arts and philanthropic groups offer professionals ways to give and get together: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Arts and philanthropic groups offer professionals ways to give and get together: South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Arts and philanthropic groups offer professionals ways to give and get together

By Ivette M. Yee
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted November 1 2006

For young professionals, the path to philanthropy and culture often begins with a cocktail.

And what seems like a highbrow happy hour or networking event could mean the survival of arts organizations and charities for years to come."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 News - MSP volunteers to raise charity worker levels News - MSP volunteers to raise charity worker levels: "MSP volunteers to raise charity worker levels

LOTHIAN'S MSP Lord James Douglas-Hamilton took part in a career swap as part of drive to get more people to do volunteer work.

He spent Saturday working at the Barnardo's shop in Stockbridge as part of the Make a Difference Day, a campaign by the Community Service Volunteers to get more people to do voluntary work." News-Global students stress service News:
snip snip>>
"This year, they both started working at Tulsa Global Alliance, planning the itineraries of international visitors, planning events, stuffing envelopes and more.

The nonprofit organization brings in people from around the world for education and for interaction with Tulsans, and it works to increase global awareness. Jackson works there six hours a week as a volunteer. Tahaie works 13 to 15 hours a week for her work-study job, paid by the federal government.

The U.S. Department of Education feels strongly enough about community service that it requires colleges to use at least 7 percent of their work-study financial aid money for jobs that meet community needs.

This year, 28 TU students are doing community service work-study, including work at children's and animal shelters, "

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oprah audience given charity cash

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oprah audience given charity cash: "Oprah audience given charity cash
Oprah Winfrey
Winfrey gave away 276 cars on her show in September 2004
TV host Oprah Winfrey has given more than 300 audience members $1,000 (£526) each to donate to a charitable cause.

Winfrey - who has previously given her studio audience new cars and paid off their debts - gave each person a debit card loaded with the money.

They can give the entire sum to one person - relatives are not eligible - or split it among charitable causes."

VOA News - Angelina Jolie Establishes New Group to Manage Charity in Cambodia

VOA News - Angelina Jolie Establishes New Group to Manage Charity in Cambodia: "Angelina Jolie Establishes New Group to Manage Charity in Cambodia
By VOA News
30 October 2006

Hollywood movie star Angelina Jolie has established a new independent group to manage her project for forest conservation and to fight poverty in Cambodia.

The new group, called the Maddox Jolie Project, will take over work that was originally co-managed by Cambodian Vision in Development and U.S. conservation group WildAid."

Penn State Live-Student Philanthropy Council launches awareness campaign

Penn State Live: "Student Philanthropy Council launches awareness campaign
Monday, October 30, 2006

University Park, Pa. -- This Friday, Nov. 3, Penn State's Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) will host the first in a series of Philanthropy Phridays aimed at raising awareness in the University community about the important role philanthropy plays at Penn State.

Philanthropy Phridays, a year-long campaign, will be celebrated the first Friday of each month on the ground floor of the HUB between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Council member Matt Balaban said the event will provide students with a unique opportunity 'to enjoy free giveaways, food and the sharing of interesting information about the role philanthropy plays in our lives as Penn Staters.'

Each month's event will feature a unique theme showcasing the generous support of members of the Penn State community. November's theme, Penn State Firsts, will look back at history to reveal the start of many programs such as student endowment scholarships and the birth of the Schreyer Honors College."

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth [ Commentary] October 30, 2006

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth [ Commentary] October 30, 2006: "
Every now and then I run across a story in the news that reminds me of how many financially smart ordinary people there are. It usually happens when one of them dies and surprises the world by giving away a lot of money.

Red Cross Tightening Command -

Red Cross Tightening Command - "Red Cross Tightening Command
Plan Calls for 50-Member Board's Size, Powers to Be Reduced

By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 31, 2006; Page A06

The Red Cross, long plagued by internal strife and complaints about how it handles major disasters and blood donations, said yesterday that it plans to overhaul its leadership structure.

The 125-year-old organization handles half of the nation's blood supply and has federal responsibility for coordinating the charitable response to the nation's largest catastrophes. But its performance during high-profile events, including Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as well as its troubled blood-handling operation, have earned it plenty of criticism from public officials, victims and even its own volunteers."

Examining the Changing Role of Technology for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline ::

Examining the Changing Role of Technology for Nonprofits :: PNNOnline ::: "Examining the Changing Role of Technology for Nonprofits
Posted by: PNNOnline on Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Topic Conferences and Events

Blackbaud, Inc. hosted more than 1,100 leaders of the nonprofit sector at its seventh annual Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits on October 22-25. The Conference was centered around 120 educational sessions focusing on hot topics in the Internet, executive management, financial management, technology, development, and prospect research.

Tim Kobosko, United States Naval Academy Alumni Association's vice president of information services, attended the conference for his fourth time. 'Each year it gets better,' he said. 'I can't imagine spending three days anywhere else where we'd get this much valuable insight into products and what's ahead-and to be able to spend one-on-one time with Blackbaud employees.'

The Conference, which had a sellout crowd for a second year in a row, also provided Blackbaud clients with an opportunity to network with peers, preview the latest technologies, and meet Blackbaud employees-including the company's chief executive officer, Marc Chardon.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Cross Announces Overhaul -

Red Cross Announces Overhaul - "Red Cross Announces Overhaul

The Associated Press
Monday, October 30, 2006; 3:16 PM

NEW YORK -- The American Red Cross, stung by criticism of how it handled Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 attacks, announced plans Monday for a major overhaul that would include slashing its 50-member board and reducing the influence of presidentially appointed overseers.

The reforms are intended to ease recurring friction between board members and Red Cross management, and to address complaints that the organization was at times too bureaucratic and unaccountable after Katrina and the attacks."

Local nonprofits bolstering safeguards amid local scandals

Local nonprofits bolstering safeguards amid local scandals: "Other nonprofit officials said they think such worries are an overreaction. But they still see recent events as good opportunities to make sure all local nonprofits have financial savvy — and if they don’t, to help them get it.

“In the nonprofit world, we’ve had plenty of Enron-type occasions,” said Jonathan Lindsey, president of the local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. “It’s just that we pay no attention to it until it affects us personally . . . Any time you run an organization outside of standard business procedure, you’re looking for trouble.”

To seize the moment, the association voted Thursday to take a lead role in organizing financial workshops for local nonprofit organizations. It will collaborate with the Nonprofit Network, a group of charity and social service agencies in the area that meet regularly."

Foundation seeks Hispanic donors to support local groups

Foundation seeks Hispanic donors to support local groups: "Foundation seeks Hispanic donors to support local groups


Powered by

(Original publication: October 29, 2006)

The nation's Hispanic immigrants are expected to give away $45 billion in 2006, but most of it will go to their relatives, with little of it donated to nonprofit organizations.

The Westchester Community Foundation hopes to tap into the power of Hispanic giving with The Apoyo Fund, which raises money for local Hispanic organizations. As The Apoyo Fund begins its second round of fundraising, the Westchester Community Foundation seeks more Hispanic donors."

Gift-giving charities have it all planned -

Gift-giving charities have it all planned - "Gift-giving charities have it all planned

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Sue Spangler of Roanoke receives many mailings from charities seeking contributions, and she gets annoyed with the number that include premiums such as address labels and notepads with their solicitations.

'Is this to make us feel guilty?' she asked. 'When I make a contribution, I don't expect a gift in return. I do it because I want to or in memory of someone.'

She tosses unwanted premiums into the trash.

'They will not force me into making any type of contribution,' she said" How To Give To The Little Guys -- Nov. 6, 2006 -- Page 1 How To Give To The Little Guys -- Nov. 6, 2006 -- Page 1: "osted Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006
Big charities keep getting bigger. But are they the best places for most people to send their hard-earned dollars? With so much money flowing to the most élite fund raisers, it's a fair question.

Donations to the 400 largest U.S. charities last year surged 13%, to nearly $63 billion, according to a new survey by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The jump far outstripped a 2.7% gain in donations to all charities, and the near record pace of giving to the biggest nonprofits appears to be holding this year. About a quarter of last year's largesse went to just 10 charitable groups, including United Way, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross."

KTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives | Benefactor's final gift shakes a foundation

KTLA The CW | Where Los Angeles Lives | Benefactor's final gift shakes a foundation: "Today, her gift of $200 million will be publicly revealed by its astonished recipient: the California Community Foundation, which supports a variety of civic and social causes by pooling several funds into one organization to maximize efficiencies.

Foundation President Antonia Hernandez said Sunday that she screamed when she first got news of Palevsky's gift by cellphone while outside church. 'People must have thought, this lady's gone crazy,' she said.

'It's a wonderful blessing, manna from heaven,' Hernandez said. 'All the issues she cared deeply about fit so well with our future strategy. It was absolute synergy.'

It's among the largest bequests to a U.S. public charity, said Jim Ferris, director of USC's Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy"

APP.COM - Entrepreneurs more generous than heirs | Asbury Park Press Online

APP.COM - Entrepreneurs more generous than heirs | Asbury Park Press Online: "Entrepreneurs more generous than heirs
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/29/06


Entrepreneurs who earn their wealth give more than twice as much to charity than do Americans who inherited their riches, according to a survey released last week by Bank of America Corp. and Indiana University.

Helping those in need and giving back to society were donors' biggest motivations, the survey found, and more than half said they would keep giving if tax deductions were eliminated."

Business school class learns through philanthropy - News

Business school class learns through philanthropy - News: "Business school class learns through philanthropy
by Nicholas Marell
Issue date: 10/30/06 Section: News

The 58 students in 'Analysis of Business Issues' class are using community service projects to hone their business skills.

Community service becomes a business venture for the students, who will compete in groups and present their project strategy and results in December to a group of outside judges. The judges will then select the best service project as well as the best presentation. "

A career in the public sector | Voluntary sector |

A career in the public sector | Voluntary sector | "Job satisfaction surveys can give the public and charity sectors a bad press. A lack of autonomy, poor pay, excessive bureaucracy and pedestrian career progression are some of the complaints. UK workers want ownership of their work and an increasing number, it is suggested, will start their own businesses soon.

Not Fran Gorman. The 27-year-old enjoys her job working for the Mental Health Foundation. 'The working hours are much more sensible and if anybody stays too late they're told to go home,' says the PR manager."

Charity Village®NewsWeek: Cover Story-View from the top: The realities of being an executive director

Charity Village®NewsWeek: Cover Story: "View from the top: The realities of being an executive director
Andy Levy-AjzenkopfBy Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf
October 30, 2006

The voluntary sector is chock full of talented, tireless, selfless people all trying to better their communities and the country as a whole. Generally speaking, there exists in the sector a generosity of spirit and an understanding of the inherent need to maintain a social safety net for those less privileged in our society. Needless to say, stewarding this ideological army of volunteers, helpers, staff and board members is one tough job; but executive directors of organizations, foundations and associations do it daily. The executive director (ED) is the fulcrum between day-to-day management of the office and the board of directors. It’s a unique and rewarding position, but according to many who occupy it, it's also a lonely one."