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Charity Village� NewsWeek

Charity Village� NewsWeek:
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"AFP issues urgent call to action regarding national do-not-call list
The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is calling on its Canadian members to contact the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and Technology (INDU). The committee is currently in the process of finalizing legislation that would give the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) authority to implement and administer a federal Do-Not-Call List. Last week, the committee accepted an amendment that would exempt only those charities that are registered under the Income Tax Act. The AFP feels it is imperative that members of the INDU Committee reconsider amendments that would provide a broad exemption for all nonprofits, not just registered charities. For more information, visit: "

Welcome to

Welcome to "Originally conceived by Richard Ivey as a tool to support donors, has grown into a successful online donation gateway serving charitable organizations. After careful consideration, Artez Interactive has decided to cease operation of the online donation services provided by
This change won't happen overnight but we hope to have all of our participating Charities moved to their choice of new systems by June 30, 2005. If your organization maintains a DonateNow page with, you will have already received a communication explaining this next step in's evolution and more information to help you make the right choice for your new Donation gateway" Philanthropist fulfills promise to send city students to college Philanthropist fulfills promise to send city students to college: "Philanthropist fulfills promise to send city students to college

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The Hartford Courant

June 16, 2005, 11:19 AM EDT

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Way back in fifth grade, when Derrick Johnson heard that a wealthy Hartford businessman would pay for his college education, it didn't sink in right away.

'When you're younger, you don't really understand,' Johnson said. "

BBC NEWS | UK | Small charities 'face struggle'

BBC NEWS | UK | Small charities 'face struggle': "Small charities 'face struggle'

The gap between small and 'big brand' charities is widening
It is getting harder for smaller specialist charities to compete with the increased might of 'big brand' organisations, new statistics show.
Nine charities have been in the top 10 of fundraisers for the last three years, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) says.
The top charities are also 'increasing their relative dominance year on year', according to the CAF.
News of the findings coincide with the 2005 CAF-sponsored Charity Awards. "

NPower NY a Grand Prize Winner in National Business Plan Competition :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource

NPower NY a Grand Prize Winner in National Business Plan Competition :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource: "NPower NY a Grand Prize Winner in National Business Plan Competition
Posted by: emilyd on Friday, June 17, 2005

Topic Special Features

NPower NY was named as one of four grand prize winners in the National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations sponsored by Yale School of Management -- The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures.

Nearly 500 nonprofit organizations from across the country entered business plans in the competition. NPower NY�s proposal focused on NPower Basic, an affordable package of hardware, software and technical support services for nonprofits, which is currently in the pilot stage. Central to the design of NPower Basic is its employment of graduates from its Technology Service Corps program (TSC). The Technology Service Corps program trains 18-25 year olds from low-income communities on a suite of technology and professional skills, provides 'real world' work experience through its internship program and community-service events; and places graduates in the nonprofit sector as junior IT administrators. "

10 Questions With...Lynne Twist on the Soul of Money

10 Questions With...Lynne Twist on the Soul of Money: "10 Questions With...Lynne Twist on the Soul of Money

Source: Journal of Financial Planning
Publication date: 2005-06-01

Maligned and misunderstood, money really can be a vehicle for personal and social transformation-for energy, intention, clarity, commitment, ideals, and committed philanthropy, according to Lynne Twist. Yet it rarely is seen from this perspective"

PressBooth - eBay India announces Charity Fund Raising Platform

PressBooth - eBay India announces Charity Fund Raising Platform: "eBay India announces Charity Fund Raising Platform
Posted on Thursday, June 16 @ 15:19:28 CDT by xtv

eBay India, India's leading online marketplace, announced the launch of the Charity Fundraising section. This special Charity Fundraising section aims at offering Indian NGOs a platform to fundraise and reach out to a national and global audience. Mandira Bedi announces a special World Cup saree auction

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, June 16, 2005 (Xtvworld.Com) -- Wellknown television anchor and actress Mandira Bedi announced the launch along with representatives from leading NGOs including CRY, HelpAge India, Concern India Foundation, Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD), Cancer Patients Aid Association, Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Association & Spastics Society of India." | Society | Beware the wristband con | Society | Beware the wristband con: "Beware the wristband con

Hugh Muir
Saturday June 11, 2005
The Guardian

Trading standards officers have warned that the wristbands that have come to define the compassion of a generation are increasingly being targeted by con men.
The Trading Standards Institute spoke out after numerous reports of counterfeiters profiteering from the fundraising initiative. More than 23m wristbands have been sold to charity supporters and high profile figures such as Tony Blair. "

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Best Buy to increase philanthropy - 2005-06-16

Best Buy to increase philanthropy - 2005-06-16: "Best Buy to increase philanthropy
Best Buy Co. Inc. plans to contribute more than $20 million toward innovation in education and meeting the needs of U.S. communities this year, the company announced Thursday.

The Richfield-based electronics retailer said it plans to donate more than $21.6 million to communities this year, up 13.7 percent from $19 million last"

The New Heroes, a PBS series

San Francisco Bay View - National Black Newspaper of the Year: "The New Heroes,� a PBS series (Channel 9) which will be aired June 28 and July 5, profiles the lives of more than 13 social entrepreneurs who have for at least 20 years each provided constituencies throughout the world, including the San Francisco Bay Area, with opportunities to make better lives for themselves.
Whether their assistance was providing education for poor children on train platforms 300 miles south of Calcutta, India, or helping Kenyan subsistence farmers increase yields through a foot-operated water pump; freeing enslaved families in India or giving former convicts an opportunity for redemption � true correction � as seen in Mimi Silbert�s �Delancy Street Foundation,� all of these entrepreneurs have one thing in common: each is quietly making a difference, one person, one community at a time. " News - Ending abuses of easements 06/16/05 News - Ending abuses of easements 06/16/05: "Ending abuses of easements
Conservation easements are a good way to protect green space and wildlife habitats, but abuse of the concept is getting deserved attention from the Internal Revenue Service.
The IRS told senators in Washington that the agency has established a team dedicated to tracking down abusive tax breaks claimed through conservation easements.
Easements are development restrictions on land, for which the landowner may get either compensation directly from government or nonprofit organizations, or tax deductions for donating the easements."

Give to libraries -- directly -

Give to libraries -- directly - "Give to libraries -- directly

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Regarding your recent article on changes in funding by the United Way of Westmoreland, I regret to say that many local public libraries including Jeannette have also been victims ('29 groups facing cuts in United Way funding,' June 6).
The United Way for some years has had problems with general fund allocations because of increased use by the public of the 'donor option,' which allows donors to specify exactly what nonprofit is to receive the money. Since this option became available, the pool of money in the general fund has dwindled. Libraries and other former 'agencies' have now lost that general funding and must rely on donor options for basic operations.
The United Way has informed us that a 10 percent fee will be deducted from each donor option gift. Therefore, it would be highly advisable for people who want all of their money to go to the nonprofit of their choice to send the money directly to the chosen agency"

The Seattle Times: Politics: DeLay cites only U.S. trips on House disclosure form

The Seattle Times: Politics: DeLay cites only U.S. trips on House disclosure form: "DeLay cites only U.S. trips on House disclosure form
By Mary Curtius and Chuck Neubauer
Los Angeles Times
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Senators threaten to block vote on nominee for FDA
WASHINGTON � House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R-Texas, who faces questions about the financing of his past travels abroad, stayed close to home in 2004, reporting five trips � all domestic � paid for by outside groups.
In financial-disclosure statements released yesterday, many House members reported taking trips paid for by think-tanks, corporations and nonprofits. Such groups may pay for these trips under House rules, as long as they are reported. But House rules don't allow members to take trips paid for by lobbyists or registered foreign agents." | 06/16/2005 | With stadium, billionaire's Stanford legacy grows | 06/16/2005 | With stadium, billionaire's Stanford legacy grows: "With stadium, billionaire's Stanford legacy grows

By Dan Stober

Mercury News

Stanford University has seen its share of generous donors, but no other quite like developer John Arrillaga.
The self-made billionaire oversees the projects his money makes possible with an attention to detail that borders on obsession. For the university's new equestrian center, slated to open this fall, he personally selected the barn hooks on which the horse bridles will hang."

Study shows religious giving increase : Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Study shows religious giving increase : Wednesday, June 15, 2005: "Study shows religious giving increase
By Nancy Glass
Religion News Service
Donations to religious congregations in the United States rose by nearly 2 percent last year, to an estimated $88 billion, according to a new study.
The Giving USA Foundation annual report, released June 13, divides contributions into 10 categories, including the arts, international aid and education. But the category called 'religious organizations' outpaced them all, as it traditionally does."

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 - News - New non-profit boards service launched Ireland - News - New non-profit boards service launched: "New non-profit boards service launched

By S Heaphy
Jun 15, 2005
Boardmatch Ireland, launched today, is a new web-based skills matching service between business and non-profits. For the first time in Ireland, professionals such as accountants, IT specialists, financial advisors, solicitors or project managers, for example, can simply log on to to offer their skills and expertise to non-profit boards in a formal, structured and regularised way. Non-profit organisations will register their specific board level skills needs and the link will be made. The concept has been well tested in Canada and the United States"

FNC | Feature-Philanthropy's New Clothes

FNC | Feature: "Feature
Philanthropy�s New Clothes
Why honest feedback is sometimes as hard to find as the emperor's outfit.
by Kathleen P. Enright
When you were younger, did you have an aunt who sent a birthday present each year, but it was always the wrong thing, like Barbies when you were 14, or a world atlas when you were four, or a brightly colored sweater that was inappropriate at any age? Although the gift was not something you wanted, you were never comfortable being honest, because her intentions were good. After prodding from your mom, you would sit down to write an insincere thank-you note, telling her how much you loved the gift. To complicate matters, this aunt happened to be rich, so you hoped that perhaps one day she might get it right.
Yet, your aunt didn't ask you what you wanted or try to find that out from others. And you were too young, too polite or too cowed to give honest feedback, so the cycle of well-intentioned, but inappropriate, gifts continued.
A similar dynamic is often present in the relationship between grantmakers and the organizations they support. "

The Pioneer > Home-Bullet club mixes fun with philanthropy

The Pioneer > Home: "Bullet club mixes fun with philanthropy (INDIA)

UNI/ Aizawl

A bullet rider club here has combined adventure with philanthropy, extending a helping hand to orphans and spreading the message of peace and freedom across the State.

The club, which came into existence in 1999 with the sole objective of ''riding for fun'' has developed a philanthropic edge now.

Its members help the poor and needy, especially through orphanages and take up other charitable works from time to time."

Chicago Tribune news : Local news-Chicago jobs, pride on line as rivals court non-profits

Chicago Tribune news : Local news: "Chicago jobs, pride on line as rivals court non-profits

By Kathy Bergen
Tribune staff reporter
Published June 15, 2005

Not-for-profit associations are taking a page from the playbook of some of their for-profit counterparts: pitting state and local governments against each other in a battle for their headquarters.

That could spark a costly trend for Chicago, which boasts that it is home to the second-largest number of association headquarters, behind Washington, D.C.

Currently, the Windy City is duking it out with Dallas for the YMCA of the USA, the nation's largest social-service not-for-profit, which has been headquartered here for the past 25 years."

First son to donate NT$2m to charity on wedding day

e-Government Website/Homapage: "First son to donate NT$2m to charity on wedding day
Date: 2005/06/15 13:43:01
SOURCE: Taiwan News
The first son and his fiancee have decided to make a donation of NT$2 million to charity when they get married on Saturday, the Presidential Office announced on Tuesday.

Chen Chih-chung, the only son of President Chen Shui-bian (???) and first lady Wu Shu-chen (???), will contribute the money to three charity organizations in Tainan County on the day he marries Huang Jui-ching, the Presidential Office said in a press statement on Tuesday morning. "

People's Daily Online -- Lions Clubs China set up in Beijing

People's Daily Online -- Lions Clubs China set up in Beijing: "Lions Clubs China set up in Beijing

The founding ceremony for 'Lion Club China', an organization with the sole purpose of 'We serve', was held on June 14 in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. A total of 400 participants including representatives of lion clubs from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and major officials with Lion Clubs International have taken part in the ceremony. " aid the cat's meow for nonprofits

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"LWT Communications, a Montgomery marketing and media firm, and its sister company LWT/KBK New Media, are accepting applications for this fall's CreateAThon, an annual frenzy during which marketing ideas are created free for nine nonprofit agencies. "

Geldof: I Don't Like EBay

See the several related stories on Ebay and Live 8 here on the Blog

Geldof: I Don't Like EBay: "Geldof: I Don't Like EBay
By Robert MacMillan Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 15, 2005; 10:27 AM
Almost 26 years have passed, and Bob Geldof is still in a shooting mood.
This time, he fired verbal bullets at online auction giant eBay, whose U.K. subsidiary was hosting auctions for tickets to the upcoming Live 8 concerts that Geldof organized to fight poverty in Africa.
The Associated Press reported Tuesday afternoon that eBay no longer will host auctions for the tickets: 'Managing director Doug McCallum said the company would take the tickets off its auction site, although the company said reselling charity concert tickets was not illegal in Britain. 'We've listened carefully to our customers,' McCallum told Britain's ITV television. 'Overwhelmingly the voice is that they would like us to take down the listing.''"

Wired News: EBay Bans Live 8 Ticket Scalpers

See several ebay and Live 8 stories on todays blog.

Wired News: EBay Bans Live 8 Ticket Scalpers: "EBay Bans Live 8 Ticket Scalpers

Page 1 of 1

By Ryan Singel Also by this reporter
04:00 PM Jun. 14, 2005 PT
EBay U.K. has banned the sale of tickets to the London Live 8, a mega-concert to raise awareness of African poverty, following pressure from musician Bob Geldof and an online campaign to sabotage the auctions.
Tickets for the concert were a hot item on eBay until activists wrecked auctions and Geldof blasted ticket sales as profiteering from misery. " - E-charity sees an increase in online giving - E-charity sees an increase in online giving: "E-charity sees an increase in online giving
By Jim Hopkins, USA TODAY
SAN FRANCISCO � Charity begins at home, especially when it's the home page.
Online donations to the USA's biggest charities surged 63% last year from 2003, a new study says, as the tsunami relief effort and Howard Dean's presidential campaign underscored the value of Internet fundraising.
The 164 groups surveyed by the Chronicle of Philanthropy included Doctors Without Borders USA, which helped victims of the December tidal wave that devastated Asian nations, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society."

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online: "eBay backs down over Live 8 touts
By Adam Sherwin, Media Reporter
THE eBay auction website banned the sale of Live 8 concert tickets last night after a furious reaction from the Government and Bob Geldof.
Ministers said that they were preparing a crackdown on the trade in touted tickets and urged eBay to withdraw sales. Tickets were being sold for up to �1,000 each.

James Purnell, Broadcasting and Music Minister, wrote to the online auction site calling for a halt to the �cynical� trade in tickets for the Hyde Park concert. Bob Geldof branded the sales as �sick profiteering� and called for a global boycott of eBay, which he described as an �electronic pimp�. "

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Getting the message

Getting the message: "Getting the message

Mequon's Gary Mueller, whose desk at BVK is the front end of an old blue GMC truck he found in a farmer's field, says of the nonprofit ad agency he founded: 'Everyone is given a talent or gift; mine is doing nonprofit work.'

Gary Mueller could easily jog from his BVK office in Fox Point to his SERVE office in downtown Milwaukee. To paraphrase Bruce Springsteen, Mueller 'was born to run.' Whether he's at BVK, one of the area's largest advertising firms with capitalized billings of $192 million, where he as been senior vice president and creative director since 1995, or, at SERVE, the nonprofit ad agency he founded in 2002, he looks the same: crew cut, goatee, casual shirt not tucked into his jeans and sprinting shoes." Wealthy philanthropist pleads not guilty but remains jailed Wealthy philanthropist pleads not guilty but remains jailed: "

June 13, 2005, 3:17 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) _ A philanthropist who gave away millions of dollars before he was charged with defrauding an investor of $5 million pleaded not guilty Monday and remained jailed, unable to make bail.

Alberto William Vilar, 64, stood in a prison jumpsuit before Magistrate Judge Michael H. Dolinger in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. "

Professor Finds Fulfillment In Emptying His Pockets

Professor Finds Fulfillment In Emptying His Pockets: "Professor Finds Fulfillment In Emptying His Pockets
D.C. Man's Charity Nearing $770,000
By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 11, 2005; Page A01
Numbers have always defined Richard Semmler.
A 59-year-old mathematician, he teaches calculus and algebra at Northern Virginia Community College.

(By Jahi Chikwendiu -- The Washington Post)

He can explain how to find the derivative of a polynomial and why a{ -}{ m} always equals 1/(a{ m}).
But in his private life, Semmler has reduced his existence to the simplest equation."

Scoop: United Future Policy on the Voluntary Sector

Scoop: United Future Policy on the Voluntary Sector: "United Future Policy on the Voluntary Sector
Tuesday, 14 June 2005, 4:14 pm
Press Release: United Future NZ Party
Tuesday, 14 June 2005
United Future Policy on the Voluntary Sector
The voluntary sector is the vital link between strong families and strong communities, and it�s high time that they were supported in this role, United Future MP Gordon Copeland said today, in releasing the party�s Voluntary Sector at the six-monthly forum of the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations of Aotearoa (ANGOA) in Wellington.
Families are both participants and beneficiaries of voluntary work, said Mr Copeland, citing US studies which show that parents are the most heavily involved in volunteer activity."

Updated site gives users more info on nonprofits ( Online)

Updated site gives users more info on nonprofits ( Online): "Updated site gives users more info on nonprofits
By BENITA D. NEWTON , The Virginian-Pilot
� June 14, 2005

GuideStar's Web site has been upgraded to provide a wider array of nonprofit information, but users will now have to ante up to get access to some of it.
The Williamsburg group, considered the nation�s leading database of financial information for nonprofits, has expanded its reach past charities to include all of the 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations in the IRS Business Master File. More than 340,000 nonprofits, including political groups, fraternal organizations and civic leagues, are being added to GuideStar�s database."

James Beard president sentenced for swiping $1 million from charity

James Beard president sentenced for swiping $1 million from charity: "James Beard president sentenced for swiping $1 million from charity
Mike Weiss, Chronicle Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The former president of the James Beard Foundation was sentenced to one to three years in prison Monday in New York after he pleaded guilty to stealing more than a million dollars from the charitable organization he led for nine years.
Leonard Pickell, 50, acknowledged he had stolen $1,106,099 by writing foundation checks for such personal expenses as groceries, his daughter's sweet 16 party, limousines, renovating his home in Howell Township, N.J., and a BMW"

Monday, June 13, 2005

IOL: eBay launches new website with charity drive

IOL: eBay launches new website with charity drive: "eBay launches new website with charity drive
13/06/2005 - 14:01:29

Online marketplace, eBay today launched its first dedicated Irish website with a major charity drive.

Celebrities took turns on Europe�s biggest bungee crane on Dublin�s docks to raise funds for DEBRA Ireland

eBay, which has 200,000 registered members in Ireland, already employs 800 people at its European Customer Support and PayPal headquarters in Blanchardstown.

Ireland managing director David Jesse said: �With 10 years of experience, eBay is excited to enter the Irish market and plans to deliver to Irish eBayers a marketplace that�s as vibrant, fun and trusted as every other eBay marketplace around the world."

Black families earn less, give more

Black families earn less, give more: "Black families earn less, give more
Robert Franklin, Star Tribune
June 13, 2005 PHIL0613
In recent years, income among black households has risen by an average of just under 2.5 percent annually, not as fast as for other Americans. But black charitable giving per household has risen nearly 50 percent faster than income.
The figures, adjusted for inflation, show that the nation's 13 million black households remain less married, far less wealthy and working mostly at lower-paying jobs than the nation as a whole. But an upsurge in income, wealth and middle-class status among young black families has fueled the increased giving, according to a Boston College study." | 06/13/2005 | A gift for Dad that keeps on giving | 06/13/2005 | A gift for Dad that keeps on giving: "A gift for Dad that keeps on giving

By Leigh Weimers

Mercury News

So this coming Sunday is Father's Day and you want to do right by the old boy. Consider the e-mail that Bill Frantz of Sunnyvale sent to his adult children. He suggested that rather than ties, socks and the like, each one forward a check to an agency that helps others -- Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, VIA Rehabilitation and the like. ``We,'' he says, meaning most fathers in our country, ``have so much that it would be better to help others rather than doing the same old thing.''"

CUETS and Canadian Cancer Society: New Charitable Giving Option Signals Change in Loyalty Programs

CUETS and Canadian Cancer Society: New Charitable Giving Option Signals Change in Loyalty Programs: "CUETS and Canadian Cancer Society: New Charitable Giving Option Signals Change in Loyalty Programs

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN--(CCNMatthews - June 10, 2005) - CUETS is pleased to announce the introduction of an important new redemptions option to its popular MasterCard-based loyalty program, CHOICE REWARDS. Effective June 14, 2005, cardholders will be given the added option of donating the points they earn to the Canadian Cancer Society, while receiving a corresponding charitable donation receipt.

Members of the media are invited to join special guests at the official launch of the program Tuesday, June 14th, 1:30 pm in the cafeteria of SaskCentral, 2055 Albert Street, Regina.

'Based on current CHOICE REWARDS participation of approximately 240,000 Canadians and the growing consumer interest in charitable giving within points programs, the new option offers great potential to raise much needed funds for charitable organizations - approximately $100,000 - $250,000 annually within three to five years,' predicts Stan Kuss, CUETS Chief Executive Officer. 'The Canadian Cancer Society is the first of a select few national charitable organizations that will be included in this initiative.'"

The Cincinnati Post - Bengals take pride in giving back

The Cincinnati Post - Bengals take pride in giving back: "Brian Simmons has done a lot of things to help people out. After seven seasons with the Bengals, the linebacker and his family have made Cincinnati more than just a place Simmons plays football. Like many in the organization, Simmons gives his time to the community in different charitable endeavors, many of which come without much public knowledge.
There are limits, though.
'I don't play golf,' said Simmons"

Politics News Article | Quote from Walter

Politics News Article |
snip snip
"Senate Finance Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican leading a campaign to end tax abuses in the charitable sector, plans to introduce legislation by August.
Last year, he pushed through the legislative amendment that cut deductions on car donations in most cases from the estimated fair market value to the actual sale value received by the charity.
As a result, car donations have dropped by 40-50 percent so far this year, said Walter Sczudlo, executive vice president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
In 2000, some 733,000 U.S. income tax returns claimed a deduction for donating a vehicle to charity, reducing taxpayer liability by an estimated $654 million, according to government figures. " | Providence, R.I. | Business-Something ventured, something gained Providence, R.I. Business:
snip snip>
"Over the past few years, nonprofit groups across the country have faced more competition for money and a slowdown in donations. Giving was strong last year, according to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, but 17 percent of U.S. fundraisers who responded to a Fundraising Professionals survey said that the economy was the biggest detriment. About 14 percent said that increased competition for the 'charitable dollar' had a negative impact on fundraising ability.
In three years, the Yale competition has received entries from 1,500 nonprofit organizations. The winners split $500,000 in cash prizes."

United Way's shift in focus has some nonprofits concerned - 2005-06-13

United Way's shift in focus has some nonprofits concerned - 2005-06-13: "United Way's shift in focus has some nonprofits concerned
Lynn Graebner
This July, when United Way Silicon Valley goes knocking on doors for money, it will have a whole new pitch. Based on an extensive study of health and human service needs in the valley, the local United Way has created a new community impact model aimed at distributing money to more focused areas of need and measuring results. " to show how much money nonprofits mean for the community "Nonprofit groups are sort of like the Rodney Dangerfield of the community - they don't get no respect.
Unlike businesses, they don't have financial figures available to show how much of an impact they make in the community, said Gwinnett Coalition of Health and Human Services executive director Ellen Gerstein.
Until now.
Gwinnett is taking part in the first statewide nonprofit economic impact study, with results due by January, Gerstein said. A pullout section of the study will examine Gwinnett's nonprofits and outline the ways they contribute to the economy. A University of Georgia researcher, hired by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, will spend months collecting data from nonprofit groups, she said."

Colleges tap young alums for donations, mostly in vain - General News - Personal Finance

Colleges tap young alums for donations, mostly in vain - General News - Personal Finance: "A diploma and a donation pitch
Colleges hit up alumni early, but often in vain
By Kelli B. Grant, MarketWatch
Last Update: 7:20 PM ET June 12, 2005
E-mail it | Print | Alert | Reprint |

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Within seconds of receiving her degree May 15, Anne K. Walters also received a packet welcoming her as one of Ithaca College's 1,420 new alumni. Among the paperwork for Alumni Weekend 2005 and the online community was, of course, an envelope to send in donations.

Chicago Tribune news : Business-Inside the Pritzker family feud

Chicago Tribune news : Business: "Inside the Pritzker family feud
Since the 1999 death of the revered Jay Pritzker, tensions have quietly roiled Chicago's wealthiest family. Here is a look behind the scenes.

By Susan Chandler and Kathy Bergen
Tribune staff reporters
Published June 12, 2005

When it comes to private families, they don't come much more private than the Pritzkers.

Members of Chicago's wealthy Pritzker clan hold their vast $15 billion empire in trust funds, many of them overseas. They employ lawyers who fight to keep family legal matters inside sealed courtrooms away from the public. And they shun almost all requests for interviews.

So when two young Pritzker heirs filed suit alleging that some family members had looted their trust funds of $1 billion, the family shuddered. The suit was settled this year, allowing the family to proceed with a secret agreement to divvy up the $15 billion fortune that includes the Hyatt hotel chain and interests as different as cruise lines and tobacco."

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/11/2005 | Conference focuses on black giving

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 06/11/2005 | Conference focuses on black giving: "Conference focuses on black giving


A star minority athlete, still in his early 20s, lands a multimillion-dollar deal to play for a big-league professional team. Suddenly, he has a windfall, but little sense of how to invest his newfound fortune or ways to steer it to worthy causes.
U.S. Bancorp and the Minneapolis Foundation think they have answers. The bank will manage the money, and the foundation will stand by to advise the athlete on how best to give some of it away.
Officials from both organizations disclosed their new initiative Friday, at the biannual meeting of the National Conference on Black Philanthropy in Minneapolis."

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Cover Story-"Preparing and mentoring our emerging nonprofit professionals

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Cover Story: "Preparing and mentoring our emerging nonprofit professionals
June 13, 2005
By Louise Chatterton Luchuk

'Most people don't say 'When I grow up I'm going to be the CEO of the local United Way' or 'I'm going to be the program director of Women's Services at the YWCA' or 'What is the career path for someone who wants to become the executive director of Volunteer Calgary?'' So notes Martha Parker, the recently retired executive director of Volunteer Calgary. Yet with the looming retirement of baby boomers, the nonprofit sector needs to promote itself as an employer of choice and strategically prepare and mentor emerging nonprofit professionals.
Promoting the nonprofit sector as an employer of choice"

Youth Groups Active in Philanthropy :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource

Youth Groups Active in Philanthropy :: PNNOnline :: the nonprofit news and information resource: "Youth Groups Active in Philanthropy
Posted by: laurakujawski on Friday, June 10, 2005

Topic General Fundraising

Consumerism may be at an all-time high. The latest estimates show teenagers in the U.S. spending $170 billion a year. But, according to the Council on Foundations, today's youth are doing more than just spending money. They are also contributing to their communities and are more actively involved in philanthropy than ever before.

Philanthropy youth groups are springing up all across America, according to Susan Price, author of The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others.

'Youth philanthropy projects help start children on the fulfilling journey toward generosity by teaching them how to use their time, talent, and, yes, money to help others,' said Price. 'It is a family-friendly, practical and upbeat way for parents to get their children excited about contributing to their communities.'"

Bismarck Tribune Online - Bismarck, ND-50 years of philanthropy

Bismarck Tribune Online - Bismarck, ND: "50 years of philanthropy
By MAGGIE STEHR, Bismarck Tribune
Even through economic downturns, the Tom and Frances Leach Foundation has awarded charitable grants for the past 50 years.

Based in Bismarck, the foundation continues the Leaches' vision to promote public welfare with their private funds. The foundation uses money generated from their combined estates, and has granted more than $9 million to local organizations, said Gilbert Olson, chairman of the foundation's board of directors.

'They spent their lives determined and dedicated to their work,' Olson said. 'They wanted to use their money to benefit the people of the state.'
The foundation receives nearly 125 requests each year, Olson said, and distributes 55 to 65 grants. Requests are due to the board by July 31, and board members select qualifying organizations in November."

Annual U.S. Donations to Nonprofits Climb 5%

Annual U.S. Donations to Nonprofits Climb 5%: "Annual U.S. Donations to Nonprofits Climb 5%
By Jacqueline L. Salmon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 13, 2005; Page A02
After several years of anemic charitable contributions by Americans, the amount donated to educational institutions, religious groups, social service agencies and other nonprofit organizations rose 5 percent last year to $248.5 billion, according to a report released today"