Friday, September 29, 2006 | Priorities | Priorities: "Priorities

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Sep 29, 2006

Earlier this year Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens made one of the worst collegiate donations in the annals of charitable giving. He could learn a lesson from a gift the Richard S. Reynolds Foundation recently gave to J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College."

Enable community foundations to continue to grow and serve - Dateline Florida

Enable community foundations to continue to grow and serve - Dateline Florida: "Enable community foundations to continue to grow and serve

Ben Franklin, one of our nation's original community philanthropists, would be proud.

Last week more than 1,500 representatives from community foundations throughout the world gathered in Boston to begin their next chapter in improving the common good of our fellow citizens and the neighborhoods they call home. Building on the legacy of New England and the lore of Paul Revere, the foundations gathered under a modern-day theme of 'Revolutionary Ideas' to consider the next generation of public service."
: "Evaluation for Normal People
Provocative Session on Nonprofit Evaluation at SSIR AFP Conference

Alana Conner Snibbe, senior editor at the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), presented “Evaluation for Normal People” at the inaugural Two-Day Nonprofit Management Institute held this week on the Stanford campus. "

ThirdSector-"Fundraising: Charities warned not to rely on voluntary income

ThirdSector: "Fundraising: Charities warned not to rely on voluntary income
UK voluntary organisations should follow the example of their
counterparts in the developing world by raising income through business and trading activities rather than relying on fundraising, according to a leading international activist.

Mechai Viravaidya, an influential charity founder and social
entrepreneur from Thailand, will tell delegates at next month's International Fundraising Congress that funding challenges for charities and voluntary organisations in the developing world are just as demanding as those in the west. He believes that this is because all charities and NGOs are chasing a static or even declining pool of donations. "

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Herald Community-E. M. student named leader of tomorrow

Herald Community: "The Association of Fundraising Professionals/Long Island Chapter (AFPLI) is pleased to announce that Andrew Alderman, a resident of East Meadow, will be honored, along with three other individuals and two corporations at the Awards Luncheon of Philanthropy Day 2006 on Friday, Nov. 17, at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale. Alderman is the first recipient of the new Leaders of Tomorrow Award, presented to recognize young adults who distinguish themselves through outstanding community service."

How to Form a Non-Profit Organization [ Commentary] September 28, 2006

How to Form a Non-Profit Organization [ Commentary] September 28, 2006: "How to Form a Non-Profit Organization

By Dan Caplinger
September 28, 2006

Doing charitable work is an important aspect of many people's lives. As the first part of this series of articles discussed, you can always do something to help your community by donating money toward or volunteering to spend time with your favorite cause. However, for those who want to do something more, creating a new charitable organization to address the needs you care about most can be incredibly fulfilling."

Charity Times news - OSCR to implement review of charity register

Charity Times news - OSCR to implement review of charity register: "OSCR to implement review of charity register 28/09/06

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), which assumed its full powers in April of this year, has recently announced a full-scale review of the country’s 21,500 existing charities.

The Rolling Review, intended to start in June 2007, will implement the new Charity Test as established by the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005, the first piece of legislation put forth by the Scottish Parliament dealing specifically with governing the charity sector."

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 09/28/2006 | Making a date to volunteer

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 09/28/2006 | Making a date to volunteer: "Making a date to volunteer
Patterned on dating craze, event will match individuals with nonprofits
Pioneer Press

Looking for volunteers? You've got three minutes to sell your nonprofit.

After giving your pitch, a potential volunteer says whether you two are a match or it's a dud. If sparks fly, you've got a free, pair of helping hands for your group.

Sound like a date? It sort of is.

Local organizations on Tuesday will participate in their first Volunteer Speed Match event — modeled after the speed-dating craze. Interested individuals will drill 16 groups on available volunteer opportunities in hopes of finding their perfect match. If they do, it's up to the organizations to make a move by dialing their number."

Nonprofit leaders receive sabbatical grants - University

Nonprofit leaders receive sabbatical grants - University: "Nonprofit leaders receive sabbatical grants

By Michelle West

Three leaders of local nonprofit organizations have been awarded the opportunity to conduct research relevant to their respective causes, thanks to an annual grant awarded by the University's Humanities Institute.

Julian Huerta, Gail Rice and Lana Lesley were officially welcomed as participants in the Community Sabbatical Program at a reception dinner on Wednesday night.

'If academics can take time off to go off and pursue a research project, which they call a sabbatical, why can't nonprofit professionals do the same thing?' said Katy Young, program coordinator and UT English graduate student."

The Cincinnati Post - Number of nonprofits grows

The Cincinnati Post - Number of nonprofits grows: "There are 9,674 nonprofit organizations in Greater Cincinnati, 22 percent more than in 2000, according to the first compilation ever of such groups that include churches, schools, charities, foundations and a wide variety of other entities.

The report, which profiles the number, location, type, revenues and assets of area nonprofit organizations, was released Tuesday in conjunction with the launching of Northern Kentucky University's Institute for Nonprofit Capacity Building."

Spertus studies leadership issues facing area non-profits | Chicago Tribune

Spertus studies leadership issues facing area non-profits | Chicago Tribune:
snip snip>>
"Nearly 2,000 executive directors in Chicago and seven other cities responded to that survey by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services of California. Now, Spertus College's Center for Nonprofit Management in Chicago will explore whether there is a leadership crisis here by surveying executive directors and board heads at some 2,000 area charities."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He’s Got the Salad Covered. Can He Serve You Dinner? - New York Times

He’s Got the Salad Covered. Can He Serve You Dinner? - New York Times: "PAUL NEWMAN led me to the deck of his new restaurant, behind the famous old theater that his wife, Joanne Woodward, helped save. He put his arm around my shoulder and pointed to the side of the building.

“Now, what do you think of the color?” he asked.

It was green. Kind of a bad, bilious green. But do you tell Paul Newman, 81 and still racing cars, that his latest obsession suffers from a bad paint job?"

Future Leaders in Philanthropy: FLiP Meets: Cathy Williams

Future Leaders in Philanthropy: FLiP Meets: Cathy Williams: "I recently had the chance to talk with Cathy Williams, Ph.D., CAE, the Vice President of Education and Research Programs at the Association of Fundraising Professionals. As we approach the end of our education issue, I thought this would be a good time to chat with an expert!

*Be sure to check out the end of the post for a list of resources to continue your education*"

Research reveals impact of lax scandal on Duke's image - News

Research reveals impact of lax scandal on Duke's image - News: "Research reveals impact of lax scandal on Duke's image
Adam Eaglin

Page 1 of 2 next >

For months, allegations of rape surrounding the men's lacrosse team splashed across the headlines of the country's most prominent publications, from Newsweek to The New York Times.

But according to research recently acquired by The Chronicle, most alumni and the larger public have since rebounded from the negative impact of the controversy, giving Duke an overwhelmingly positive favorability rating.

Commissioned by the University's office of public affairs, the study was drawn from two sets of data collected in late April and mid-June to analyze the effects of the controversy on public impressions of Duke.

Inside Bay Area - $2.7M bequest takes charity by surprise

Inside Bay Area - $2.7M bequest takes charity by surprise: "$2.7M bequest takes charity by surprise
By Paul T. Rosynsky, STAFF WRITER

OAKLAND — Dr. Melvin Lee Makower first approached the East Bay Community Foundation in the mid-1980s with a $100 donation and a commitment to help the group in its efforts to build communities.

During the years, the Berkeley-based pediatric surgeon continued his relationship with the foundation, frequently meeting with its directors and promising to add the group to his will.

Foundation leaders appreciated Makower's attention and dedication, but they never thought his final act of kindnesswould result in a $2.7 million endowment — the largest unrestricted donation ever handed to one of the East Bay's oldest foundations.

'I had no sense his estate would be as large as it is,' said Michael Howe, East Bay Community Foundation president. 'He was not somebody who was seen as a major philanthropist.'"

Hillsborough: Trump ex-sidekick at USF

Hillsborough: Trump ex-sidekick at USF: "Carolyn Kepcher has a cool, crisp handshake, as efficient as her personality.

Not severe, just precise.

That impressive presence helped the tall, sharp-jawed blond rise in business and on prime-time TV. Now she's riding the lecture circuit, and spoke Tuesday at a $100-a-plate fundraiser for USF Women in Leadership and Philanthropy, which grants undergraduate scholarships."

Employer-supported Volunteerism

Employer-supported Volunteerism: "Volunteer Canada and The Home Depot are partnering on an initiative that calls on Canadian businesses of all sizes to engage and support their employees in volunteer activity. The Corporate Challenge on Volunteering aims to raise more than 150,000 hours of volunteer work within communities across the country."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2006 NCPG Conference

2006 NCPG Conference: "Welcome to the National Conference on Planned Giving Blog

With these words, the National Committee on Planned Giving officially enters the blogosphere. It’s an opportunity for you to experience the 2006 National Conference on Planned Giving—even if you can’t be there in person.

Blog posting will begin in September. If you are attending the conference, the blog will provide commentary on what you can expect. If you are not attending, get a feel for how the National Conference on Planned Giving unfolds."

Yale endowment reaches $18 billion -

Yale endowment reaches $18 billion - "Yale endowment reaches $18 billion

September 25, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Conn. --Yale University's endowment earned a 22.9 percent return in the past fiscal year, to bring the total endowment to $18 billion, the university's investments office announced Monday."

The Cincinnati Post - NKU launches institute to help area nonprofit organizations

The Cincinnati Post - NKU launches institute to help area nonprofit organizations: "Northern Kentucky University today launched its Institute for Nonprofit Capacity Building to help the region's more than 6,000 nonprofit organizations do a better job of serving people.

The institute, part of NKU's Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement and Nonprofit Development, will serve as a resource center for nonprofit groups, which run the gamut from social service agencies that help poor people to arts organizations that promote cultural activities." | 09/25/2006 | Study: Californians less generous in charitable giving | 09/25/2006 | Study: Californians less generous in charitable giving: "Study: Californians less generous in charitable giving
By Mark Schwanhausser
Mercury News

Affluent Californians are less generous when making charitable donations than their counterparts in 20 other states, contributing by one measure at less than half the rate as well-off residents in Utah, according to a study released Monday.

But that's not to say Californians are a bunch of tightwads, several experts said, noting a variety of demographic and cultural factors that could make Californians rank lower on the charts.

``We know that when called upon, the giving is generous,'' said Patricia Gardner, executive director of Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits, citing the flood of donations after Hurricane Katrina and the Asia tsunami in 2004."

Independent Online Edition > This Britain- Redistribution of wealth: Celebrity and the new philanthropy

Independent Online Edition > This Britain: "Redistribution of wealth: Celebrity and the new philanthropy
The launch of the Fortune Forum tonight heralds a new style of fundraising, imported from America, and aimed at a new generation of super-rich donors. Guy Adams reports
Published: 26 September 2006

Bill Clinton has agreed to speak. Michael Douglas will present a 'special award', and Sir Richard Branson and Lakshmi Mittal are bringing along tables of guests. After dinner, Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, will give his first major live performance for more than 28 years.

Tonight, London's A-list will be on a red carpet near Tower Bridge. The likes of the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and the ballerina Darcey Bussell will rub shoulders with the supermodel Lily Cole and the television presenter Trinny Woodall.

Champagne will be guzzled by the bucketload, and six-figure sums bid for 'once-in-a-lifetime' auction lots. On paper, it promises to be the biggest charity bash since, well, since the last one.

The launch of the Fortune Forum may herald something more important, though. Behind the velvet ropes, organisers want Mr Clinton to help transform the face of British philanthropy.

For their £1,000-a-head, 500 guests are buying into a new era of US-style fundraising where, to borrow from tonight's line-up, Deepak Chopra lectures on how 'spirituality can heal the divisions of the world', and Dave Stewart 'sings for spiritual awareness'.

Renu Mehta, the socialite and former fashion designer who organised the bash, said: 'We are hoping to completely change the culture of giving in Britain, by stimulating philanthropic habits you'd normally only expect to see across the Atlantic. There are billions of pounds in untapped charity money wasted in the UK. We need to provide a system that helps people to give, and will get our levels into line with what you'd call the bigger nations. If it works, we will create a new generatio"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Art for our sake - The Boston Globe

Art for our sake - The Boston Globe: "Art for our sake

September 25, 2006

WHAT MAKES great art possible? Among other things, rent money and groceries. So it's good news that a new foundation, United States Artists, will start making annual awards of $50,000 directly to artists across the country."

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Opinion: Viewpoints-"Capitalists who care

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Opinion: Viewpoints: "Capitalists who care

New entrepreneurs don't see conflict between philanthropy and profit, says JOHN TIERNEY

12:00 AM CDT on Monday, September 25, 2006

Compassionate conservatism has been an expensive bust in Washington. But an intriguing alternative is emerging around the country: compassionate capitalism.

Tycoons have traditionally discovered their inner saint only after exorcising the inner capitalist. But Google's young founders are already taking on poverty, disease and global warming, and they're not just dispensing cash. They've set up their philanthropy as a for-profit organization."

Cosby: Donate $8 to Slavery Museum -

Cosby: Donate $8 to Slavery Museum - "Cosby: Donate $8 to Slavery Museum

The Associated Press
Friday, September 22, 2006; 10:03 PM

RICHMOND, Va. -- Bill Cosby called Friday on each American to contribute $8 to help build a national slavery museum amid the battlefields of the Civil War. Cosby, who already has committed $1 million to the project, joined Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder on Friday in launching a new campaign to raise $100 million toward the Fredericksburg museum's $200 million price tag."

The Chronicle, 9/28/2006: Taking It to the Streets

The Chronicle, 9/28/2006: Taking It to the Streets: "Taking It to the Streets

Old-school canvassing brings new donors to charities

By Peter Panepento

Janet S. Domenitz doesn't rely much on direct mail, telemarketing, or e-mail to recruit new donors. Instead, the executive director of the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, in Boston, depends on an old-school, low-tech method to attract donations to her organization: canvassing." | 09/24/2006 | MBA students profit from their work for charity | 09/24/2006 | MBA students profit from their work for charity: "MBA students profit from their work for charity
Graduates of a new University of Florida business degree master's program in Weston make charity an integral part of their studies.
Special to The Miami Herald

The inaugural class of the University of Florida's new South Florida-based master of business administration program worked to make the grade in more ways than one.

Before the students walked away with their diplomas, they made sure to leave something behind for the community they trained in." U.S.-Buffett's Lincoln Town Car Fetches $73,200 in Charity Auction U.S.: "Buffett's Lincoln Town Car Fetches $73,200 in Charity Auction

By Danny King

Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Warren Buffett, the billionaire who controls Berkshire Hathaway Inc., sold his Lincoln Town Car for $73,200 in an online charity auction that ended this evening after the bidding price jumped 85 percent."

Gifts can be a challenge for charities

Gifts can be a challenge for charities: "Gifts can be a challenge for charities
When they learned of efforts to build a badly needed center for boys and girls in Venice, Joan and Robert Lee stepped up to make the crucial donation.

But it wasn't with a check.

Instead, the Lees donated a 117-unit mobile home park in Lakeland to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County."

Editorial: It's good to give : The University Daily Kansan

Editorial: It's good to give : The University Daily Kansan: "Editorial: It's good to give
Philanthropy is back in fashion

Philanthropy is suddenly the hottest cause around. Giving is the new earning, and private capital, not public funding, is driving this trend.

McKay Stangler

Monday, September 25, 2006

If there is one giant upside to the growing rich/poor disparity in the United States, it is this significant development: Philanthropy is vogue again.

OK, maybe it never really went out of style, but for a long time people made charitable contributions simply for the tax deduction. But check out the newsstands now: There’s Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, each donating huge sums to fight AIDS and poverty. (Buffett’s donation to the Gates Foundation was the largest single act of charity in American history.) There’s the local Kauffman Foundation, lauded in The Kansas City Star for its excellent work. And sure enough, there’s philanthropy’s rock star Bill Clinton jetting all over the world raising money and awareness, and gracing the covers of political opposites Fortune and The New Yorker simultaneously."

Rationalizing Wealth -

Rationalizing Wealth - "Rationalizing Wealth
William Baldwin 10.09.06

More From William Baldwin

A question for a statistician: how freakish are those outliers on the rich list, the fortunes of Gates, Buffett and Adelson? A question for a moralist: How appalling?

You could go crazy trying to graph the net worth of Americans on a bell curve. You'd run out of paper. On a standard chart the plot point for Bill Gates looks like Pluto's orbit. Or, to put it in a statistician's terms, the billion-dollar fortunes showcased in this issue are a whole lot more than six sigmas away from the average household net worth, which is near $450,000." :: Conference led by Baucus ponders faith, philanthropy :: Conference led by Baucus ponders faith, philanthropy: "Conference led by Baucus ponders faith, philanthropy

Of The Gazette Staff
People of faith gathered Friday at Montana State University-Billings with community and nonprofit leaders to figure out how to combine their resources to meet the needs of Montanans.

The 2006 Montana Faith Community Impact Summit used the Bible to set the tone for the day. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., who led the event, turned to the New Testament book of James."

Indy congregations feel financial squeeze |

Indy congregations feel financial squeeze | "ndy congregations feel financial squeeze
Report says giving often fails to keep pace with inflation

Powered by
By Robert King
A first-of-its-kind survey of the financial health of Indianapolis-area congregations shows a 'brewing financial crisis' that has largely gone unrecognized by spiritual leaders.

The survey found that financial giving levels are below inflation in 45 percent of the area's congregations, which could squeeze resources as salary, utility and supply costs continue to increase. It also found that most clergy still report being satisfied with giving levels."

CharityVillage® Research: Communications: Navigating your content online

CharityVillage® Research: Communications: Navigating your content online: "Navigating your content online
Pattie LaCroixBy Pattie LaCroix
September 25, 2006

This column is a second in the series Content is King Online, which takes a look at how this generation of the Internet centres around content. Specifically, content has migrated to the core of our online experience as online tools now provide us with opportunities to connect around content, collaborate on content, and contribute content online. Making content usable online is what usability on the web is all about. Everything from intuitive navigation and section headings, to the organization of your content or information architecture all play an important role in making your content accessible online."

A Campaign to Get Americans to Help When There Isn’t a Disaster - New York Times

A Campaign to Get Americans to Help When There Isn’t a Disaster - New York Times: "Recognizing that procrastination is an enemy of good intentions, a new public service effort, to be announced today, aims to persuade Americans to actually act upon their altruistic impulses.

The campaign, called “Generous Nation,” is epitomized by its theme, “Don’t almost give. Give,” which will be reiterated in television and radio commercials and print and online ads as well as on, a dedicated Web site. The campaign is being produced by the Advertising Council, the nonprofit organization that coordinates pro bono campaigns on behalf of the agency and media industries." Muse-U.S. Charity Chiefs' Pay Averaged $327,575 in 2005, Study Says Muse: "The typical chief executive of a large U.S. charity or foundation earned $327,575 last year, a 3.6 percent increase over 2004, according to an annual survey by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

While nonprofit compensation has grown faster than inflation in recent years, salaries ``are not going up anywhere near what they are in the private sector,'' said Trent Stamp, executive director of Charity Navigator, a Mahwah, New Jersey-based group that evaluates the performance of nonprofit organizations. ``And for the most part when you see a salary, that's it. There's no perks, no stock, no house that comes with it, no car.''" How the New Philanthropy Works -- Oct. 2, 2006 -- Page 1 How the New Philanthropy Works -- Oct. 2, 2006 -- Page 1: "How the New Philanthropy Works
The former President and the First Lady find a common cause

Posted Sunday, Sep. 24, 2006

In our increasingly interdependent world, we have seen the terrifying power of individuals to do great harm. Yet there is a more hopeful side of this interconnected age: private citizens have never had more power to advance the common good and secure a brighter future."