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ThirdSector UK

ThirdSector: "Donating by text to stay VAT-free
HM Revenue & Customs has quashed speculation that donations to charities by text message could be subject to VAT.

It had been rumoured that VAT would be due on text message donations because the process was a service provided to charities.

But HMRC has confirmed that VAT will be paid only on the charge levied by the telecoms company for providing the text message service. This will be about 25 per cent of the charge for each SMS pledge. "

Audit excoriates nonprofit's ex-director

Audit excoriates nonprofit's ex-director: "Audit excoriates nonprofit's ex-director
Dubious bills include $8,000 at restaurants
Friday, May 06, 2005
By Gwen Filosa
Staff writer
An internal audit of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana found the executive director spent nearly $8,000 during one year at New Orleans area restaurants to feed herself and other employees, even though her contract didn't include such perks.
The questionable meals and entertainment tab is part of an audit that discovered the private nonprofit has troubling discrepancies in its financial accounting system, many of which point to its former leader.

Robin Houston, 56, of Kenner, was asked to resign from the nonprofit's top post earlier this year, and the organization plans a national search for her successor. She had been in charge for the past three years. "

Sallie Mae tops philanthropy list - 2005-05-05

Sallie Mae tops philanthropy list - 2005-05-05: "Sallie Mae tops philanthropy list
Neil Adler
Staff Reporter
The region's top 50 corporate donors contributed $139.4 million last year, up 10 percent from the $126.6 million given in 2003 by the top 50 firms, according to Washington Business Journal's annual list of corporate philanthropists. "


May 5, 2005
(617) 727-2543
BOSTON - Attorney General Tom Reilly today introduced legislation aimed at enhancing the financial strength and integrity of Massachusetts charities through increased standards that promote more financial discipline, accountability and transparency."

The Australian: Culture of giving puts ballet back in the black [May 06, 2005]

The Australian: Culture of giving puts ballet back in the black [May 06, 2005]: "Culture of giving puts ballet back in the black
Katrina Strickland
May 06, 2005
PHILANTHROPY has hauled the Australian Ballet out of the red, with the national dance company turning a $1million loss in 2003 into a surplus of the same magnitude last year.

In a sign of the changing financial dynamics of arts companies, donations to the ballet exceeded corporate sponsorship last year for the first time in more than a decade. "

Yale School of Management - The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures

Yale School of Management - The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures: "About the Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony
Third Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony
June 9-10, 2005
Hyatt on the Hudson
Jersey City, New Jersey
On June 9-10, 2005, the Third National Business Plan Competition for Nonprofit Organizations will culminate in a event where 20 finalists will present their business plans to a panel of expert judges for evaluation. At the close of the Conference, officials from The Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures will announce the grand-prize winners and runners-up. "

Thursday, May 05, 2005

No litmus tests for Oceanside nonprofits North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News

No litmus tests for Oceanside nonprofits North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News: "No litmus tests for Oceanside nonprofits

By: North County Times - Editorial
Our View: One mayoral stumble leads to an even bigger blunder. First, Mayor Jim Wood threatened KOCT's funding in an attempt to muzzle criticism of him. Now he has taken an even more dangerous step, proposing a political litmus test for nonprofit boards receiving city funding. Such nonpolitical, volunteer boards would be expected to be politically balanced to the mayor's liking.

It's not enough that citizens drawn into volunteer service attending countless community meetings have to scrounge and scrape to accomplish their important work, but they now would have to also declare themselves politically as friends or foes of this or presumably any other politician who asks.
Doesn't the mayor have his hands full trying to help direct a thriving but politically contentious city without this kind of power grab ---- all because he has a thin skin and can't " | How Much Is Enough? | How Much Is Enough?: "How Much Is Enough?
May 5, 2005
Most of us are too polite to ask a colleague what he or she earns.

But in asking such a question, we'd be seeking a benchmark by which to measure our own official worth. Are we being paid fairly for what we do?

Such comparisons would be difficult to make among a list of 54 executive salaries at nonprofit agencies published in The Courant this week. The many organizations that enrich the region with good deeds and abundant talents enrich their leaders inconsistently. There is no template for fairness."

Passage of Texas Hold’em bill, allowing higher stakes, would be aces for nonprofits

: "Passage of Texas Hold�em bill, allowing higher stakes, would be aces for nonprofits

By Matt Donegan
Copy editor
Delaware�s nonprofit groups could soon be allowed to host Texas Hold�em tournaments with $1,500 top prizes if legislators approve a bill that�s now being drafted by the state�s Gaming Control Board.
Current regulations allow $1 bets and three raises of no more than $1 each in charity poker games. The new bill will call for considerably higher stakes, which translates to major profits for the group hosting the event, whether it�s a fire hall or fraternal, veterans, charitable or religious organization." - Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle - Arts & Lifestyle - Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle - Arts & Lifestyle: "In Essex County, this one's for the girls
By Bill Woolley/
Thursday, May 5, 2005

What was once the domain of a group of largely nearsighted men last week was dominated by the presence of 165 women who shared a clear vision.

The Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton, so named because so many of its founding members wore glasses, was the site of the third annual spring luncheon of the Women's Fund of Essex County, the mission of which is 'to raise and distribute funds to provide opportunities and promote solutions for women and girls in Essex County.' "

US charity blacklisted as front for Islamic Jihad

STUFF : WORLD NEWS - STORY : New Zealand's leading news and information website: "US charity blacklisted as front for Islamic Jihad
05 May 2005

WASHINGTON: The United States today froze the assets of a charity it called a front for the militant Palestinian Islamic Jihad group and said it was seeking safe channels for donations to Palestinians in need.

This afternoon (local time) we designated the Elehssan Society, including all of its branches, as a charitable front for the brutal terrorist group the Palestinian Islamic Jihad,' US Treasury Undersecretary for Enforcement Stuart Levey said.
'Elehssan masquerades as a charity while actually helping to finance PIJ's acts of terror against the Israeli people and other innocents,' he told a congressional hearing. Elehssan operates in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. "

Fannie Mae Foundation Cutting Budget, Staff

Fannie Mae Foundation Cutting Budget, Staff: "Fannie Mae Foundation Cutting Budget, Staff
Charitable Arm to Maintain D.C. Funding
By David S. Hilzenrath
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 5, 2005; Page E06
The Fannie Mae Foundation, one of the District's largest charitable donors, said yesterday that it is cutting its budget by more than a fifth, closing offices in Atlanta and Chicago, and laying off a dozen employees. But the foundation said it is not reducing its philanthropy in the Washington area.
The cuts are largely the result of an accounting scandal at Fannie Mae that has battered the company's stock price, driven out top executives and erased billions of dollars of previously reported profit. The foundation relies on the federally chartered mortgage finance company for its funding"

Bermuda Sun: A passionate belief in the power of giving (2005-05-04)

Bermuda Sun: A passionate belief in the power of giving (2005-05-04): "ACE chairman Brian Duperreault admits he has more time on his hands since he stepped down last year as president and CEO of the Bermuda-based company he built from a small insurer to a global powerhouse with 11,000 employees.
�I do have some free time,� he says. �Everybody is interested in helping me fill in that free time.� One of the first organizations that came calling was the Centre on Philanthropy, which yesterday announced his appointment as chairman, replacing retired banker Cummings Zuill. "

Former banker launches charity exchange -

Former banker launches charity exchange - "Former banker launches charity exchange
By Timothy Cuffe 05 May 2005
Samuel Poon builds platform to bridge needs of students and philanthropists.
To the chime of school bells, The Hong Kong Institute of Education announced the launch of an online educational philanthropic platform called EdExchange. The forum, brainchild of former Merrill Lynch banker Samuel Poon, operates by applying stock market principles to education funding and resource allocation.
The platform provides an efficient and effective matching service for teachers and students seeking funding for educational projects, and for donors who are willing to offer their support to their programs"

Record gas prices: Charities forced to streamline - The Clarion-Ledger

Record gas prices: Charities forced to streamline - The Clarion-Ledger: "Record gas prices: Charities forced to streamline
By Gary Pettus

Filling people's needs is becoming increasingly more difficult as charities struggle to find more efficient ways to operate in the face of rising gasoline prices.

'The cost of fuel is hurting us,' said John Alford, executive director of the Mississippi Food Network."

Wednesday, May 04, 2005 - Want Big Profits Guaranteed? Give Away Your Stock - Want Big Profits Guaranteed? Give Away Your Stock: "Want Big Profits Guaranteed? Give Away Your Stock

Donating stock to charity might be the surest investment you can make.
by Craig Woker, CFA 05-04-05 06:00 AM
Psst! Want a hot stock tip that will yield a guaranteed 52% return? Give your equities away.
If you're still reading, thanks for providing me with a little more time to prove that I'm not delusional. My reasoning has to do with an underused nuance of the U.S. tax code: equity donations. Handing over your stock certificates to your favorite charity not only helps fund the good work they do but can also provide a lucrative way to lower your tax bill. This is a win-win scenario. It works because of the structure of tax law: The IRS allows investors to write off the current market value of any stock held for at least a year, not the price investors originally paid for the shares. (Short-term holdings don't receive this favorable tax treatment.)" / Business / Boston Foundation hiking aid to nonprofits by $2m / Business / Boston Foundation hiking aid to nonprofits by $2m: "Boston Foundation hiking aid to nonprofits by $2m
Funding formula revamped to account for pledged money
By Sasha Talcott, Globe Staff May 4, 2005
The Boston Foundation plans to boost the amount of money it will give away next year by $2 million and revamp its spending formula to make more grants to nonprofits annually, executives said yesterday.

The foundation, one of the city's largest charitable groups, will increase its annual giving target to 6 percent of its endowment from 5 percent. But in a decision that its executives describe as unusual, the foundation is not banking that an increased return on its investments will pay for that increase. Instead, it will rely on future gifts from donors to make up the difference. That change in funding formula will allow the foundation to give away more money than it otherwise would be able to, executives said."

Postage Cost increases to hit sector (UK)

content: "Postage cost increases to hit sector28/04/05
Charities are being warned that their direct marketing revenues may be severely hit due to Royal Mail�s proposals to introduce a size-based pricing structure (SBP) on postage.
The revised structure is predicted to bring additional costs to charities and the Institute of Fundraising (Institute) is urging the sector to contribute to Postcomm�s current consultation on the plans.
The Institute is recommending that the Royal Mail helps protect charities by ensuring that the cost of sending an A4 letter or newsletter is not increased beyond the lowest priced item of mail, that it gives financial support to the sector to cover the cost of redesigning materials and that Postcomm ensures at least 18 months notice before any changes are introduced. Currently a start date of April 2006 is proposed. "

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ethics ripple felt beyond Capitol Hill - Tuesday, 05/03/05

Ethics ripple felt beyond Capitol Hill - Tuesday, 05/03/05: "Ethics ripple felt beyond Capitol Hill
Staff Writer

Perceived conflict of interest causes state Sen. Doug Jackson to drop bill to get state grants for Dickson cultural center that his family founded
A lawmaker's attempt to allow state grants for a nonprofit cultural and educational center he leads has been scuttled in a side effect of this year's ethics push on Capitol Hill.
Sen. Doug Jackson wanted the Dickson-based Renaissance Center � an institution that his family endowed � to be eligible to dip into a multimillion-dollar pool of state money controlled by the Department of Education." - DA asked to look at Make-A-Wish's finances - DA asked to look at Make-A-Wish's finances: "DA asked to look at Make-A-Wish's finances
Charity reports irregularities at chapter serving region.

By Chris Parker
Of The Morning Call

The Luzerne County district attorney is investigating possible financial wrongdoing in the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northeastern Pennsylvania, which grants wishes to seriously ill children in Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe, Schuylkill, Carbon "

The Many Faces of Edgar

Douglas County Bank: "SEC filings are used to conduct company and industry research in applications such as due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, market research, competitive intelligence, and prospect research in which development researchers identify potential donors for nonprofits and assess an individual's ability to give. Here are few basic questions that researchers want answers for when conducting company, industry, or people research:
* Where do I find information about public companies and the key officials who run them?"

Foundation Center Elects New Officers, Trustees

: "Foundation Center Elects New Officers, Trustees
NEW YORK, May 2 (AScribe Newswire) -- The Foundation Center elected a new chairman and vice chairman and two trustees at its board meeting on April 26.
M. Christine DeVita, president of the Wallace Foundation, was named board chairman. Prior to joining the Foundation (formerly known as the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds) in 1987, she was deputy general counsel for the Reader's Digest Association. A Center trustee since 2003, Ms. DeVita is also a member of the Queens College Foundation's board of directors. " - Press Release And News Distribution - USPS OFFERS HELP TO NONPROFITS - Press Release And News Distribution - USPS OFFERS HELP TO NONPROFITS: "The Postal Service today released a new Customer Support Ruling designed to provide qualified nonprofit mailers with examples of how the clarification to Standard Mail Eligibility that takes effect June 1, 2005, will apply to the types of mail they typically deposit.

i-Newswire, 2005-05-03 - 'Nonprofit mailers have become very creative in their solicitation mailings, and we want them to be as confident as possible in their understanding of our mailing standards,' said Anita Bizzotto, USPS Chief Marketing Officer. The new ruling, CSR 323, comes after several other initiatives by the USPS to ensure consistency in the application of mailing standards, including the establishment of the consolidated Pricing and Classification Service Center in New York, new National Customer Rulings, the new Domestic Mail Manual 300, Mailing Standards of the USPS, and the email notification service called DMM Advisory."

::Prudent Press Agency - Media Megaphone for the Little Guy

::Prudent Press Agency - Media Megaphone for the Little Guy: "The first-ever Nonprofit and Association E-learning Survey shows wide and growing adoption of e-learning among nonprofit organizations and associations, with more than 54 percent of total respondents either using e-learning or planning to in the next 12 months. Sponsored by Isoph ( and N-TEN (, the survey provides the first broad data on mission-based organizations� use of e-learning technologies. From August 24 through September 15, 2004, 697 individuals responded to the Web-based survey, offering important insight into how nonprofits and associations develop and use e-learning. "

Philanthropy Journal-Your online source for news about nonprofits, social issues, and policy change - newsarticle

Philanthropy Journal-Your online source for news about nonprofits, social issues, and policy change - newsarticle: "Proxy guide

New tool published to help foundations vote proxies.
05.03.2005 -

A group of foundations has published a guide to help other foundations use their proxy votes to further their missions.
The guide, 'Proxy Season Preview Spring 2005: Foundations Aligning Missions and Investment,' was released by the As You Sow and Jessie Smith Noyes Foundations and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors."

Monday, May 02, 2005

Hispanic Business - Giving Pause

Hispanic Business - Giving Pause: "Giving Pause
May 2005, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine
Joel Russell
There's a little less charity in the Hispanic nonprofit sector these days. Competition for a diminishing pool of grant dollars led to a 3 percent decrease in expenditures among the Hispanic Business Top 25 Nonprofits in 2004, the first decline in the five-year history of the directory. In response to this trend, organizations have streamlined operations and restructured just like for-profit businesses.

'The last two or three years have been very challenging,' says Edmundo Hidalgo, COO of Arizona-based Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC), the number 4 organization on the list which reported a 43.3 percent decrease in expenditures last year. 'For a while we thought the economy showed signs of improvement, but right after this past election we started to have concerns about the large national deficit and its effect on these types of programs.' "

Grand Forks Herald | 05/02/2005 | GOP offering rich another present we can't afford

Grand Forks Herald | 05/02/2005 | GOP offering rich another present we can't afford: "GOP offering rich another present we can't afford

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Apparently no federal deficit is large enough or no gap between rich and poor wide enough for House Republicans to reconsider reckless tax cuts that benefit the wealthy. For the third time in four years, they voted to abolish the estate tax." always at forefront of late President Wee's endeavours ": By Lee Foong Ming, Channel NewsAsia

The National Council of Social Service on Monday paid tribute to the late President Wee Kim Wee, citing his tireless efforts in bringing charitable relief to many people in need.

Dr Wee was Patron-in-Chief of the NCSS from 1985 to 1993 when he was President of Singapore.
Among the many initiatives launched by Dr Wee was the Care and Share Month in 1987.
This marked the Community Chest's first concerted effort to reach a whole nation with the message of caring and sharing with the less fortunate.
And in June 1989, Volunteers Month was launched to recognise volunteers for their giving spirit"

The Cornell Daily Sun - Giant Hors D'oeuvre Sets Guinness Record

The Cornell Daily Sun - Giant Hors D'oeuvre Sets Guinness Record: "Giant Hors D'oeuvre Sets Guinness Record
May 02, 2005
by Erica Fink
Sun News Editor

Spring roll up. Students prepare ingredients for a Guinness world record setting spring roll, Saturday in Barton Hall.
Felicia Chen / Sun Staff
3,500 spring roll wrappers. 400 pounds of vermicelli noodles. 250 pounds each of carrots and cucumbers. 80 pounds of lettuce. These were the makings of the world's longest spring roll, 400 meters or 1,315 feet in length, constructed in Barton Hall by students in Cornell's School of Hotel Administration on Saturday. The event, 'Roll for Relief' (R4R), set a new Guinness world record while raising money for tsunami relief efforts."

Entertainment - network- The Stand-A-Thon benefits the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation,

Entertainment - network: "NEW YORK (AP) - What new movie is worth waiting in line 19 days to see?
Fans, some in costume, standing in the Manhattan rain all had one answer: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
But they didn't line up outside the Ziegfeld Theater on Saturday just to get into the premiere after midnight May 19. The Stand-A-Thon benefits the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, a Canadian-based nonprofit that aims to help severely ill children and their families. "

The giving gap: 5/ 1/ 2005

The giving gap: 5/ 1/ 2005: "The giving gap
Donations to SouthCoast charities have fallen

By STEVE URBON, Standard-Times senior correspondent

MIKE VALERI/The Standard-Times
When a prominent manufacturing firm in New Bedford's North End was acquired last year by a West Coast company, Greater New Bedford United Way Executive Director John C. Calnan hoped that the new owner would continue to match employees' contributions to the nonprofit agency.
But not only did it not match those contributions, it barred the door. The United Way wasn't allowed to make its annual appeal to employees, never mind the management. "