Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Postage Cost increases to hit sector (UK)

content: "Postage cost increases to hit sector28/04/05
Charities are being warned that their direct marketing revenues may be severely hit due to Royal Mail�s proposals to introduce a size-based pricing structure (SBP) on postage.
The revised structure is predicted to bring additional costs to charities and the Institute of Fundraising (Institute) is urging the sector to contribute to Postcomm�s current consultation on the plans.
The Institute is recommending that the Royal Mail helps protect charities by ensuring that the cost of sending an A4 letter or newsletter is not increased beyond the lowest priced item of mail, that it gives financial support to the sector to cover the cost of redesigning materials and that Postcomm ensures at least 18 months notice before any changes are introduced. Currently a start date of April 2006 is proposed. "

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