Thursday, July 07, 2005

Valley Courier Online-Nonprofits pin hopes on referendums C, D

Valley Courier Online: "Nonprofits pin hopes on referendums C, D
ALAMOSA � Shrinking state government, brought on by a recent recession and the constitutional spending limits of TABOR, has pushed more people to rely on charitable organizations for services that used to be provided by the state.
�As government shrinks, it is the nonprofit sector that fills in,� according to Charley Shimanski, head of the Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations."

New Statesman - Arts - Pile it high

New Statesman - Arts - Pile it high: "Pile it high
The Back Half
Suzi Parker
Monday 11th July 2005

Galleries - Discount shopping and fine art? Suzi Parker on the latest offer from Wal-Mart

A small town in the hilly corner of a rural American southern state seems an unlikely place for a multimillion-dollar art museum. It seems less strange when one considers its founder: Alice Walton, heiress and daughter of Sam Walton, who created Wal-Mart Stores in 1950 in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. The world's largest retailer (2003 global revenue: $259bn) has its world headquarters in this small city, which can credit its population boom, house-price increase and lack of unemployment to its late, famous resident. Companies with connections to the discount giant, such as Gillette, have also moved in so that their salesmen and company officials can be close to Wal-Mart leaders. But art?" Longtime Girls and Boys Town head steps down Longtime Girls and Boys Town head steps down: "Longtime Girls and Boys Town head steps down

Associated Press Writer
The Rev. Steven Boes, left, who has headed an American Indian parish in northeast Nebraska the past eight years, took over the executive directorship of Girls and Boys Town in Boys Town, Neb., from the Rev. Val Peter on July 1.

On the Net
Girls and Boys Town:
OMAHA, Neb. -- While serving in Iraq last year, young Marine Sgt. Eric Eggink wrote in gratitude to the Rev. Val Peter, president and chief executive of Girls and Boys Town.
'Thanks to the skills I learned at Girls and Boys Town, I'm able to lead others and teach these men how to handle battle,' wrote Eggink, who graduated in May 2001 after arriving at the institution in 1997, at age 15.
Now Eggink is back safe in Omaha and can't believe that Peter is stepping down as the leader at the campus that was once called Father Flanagan's Boys' Home."

Asset philanthropy

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report � It�s Your Business to Know: "Asset philanthropy

The Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge is using money from asset sales to fund a charitable foundation.
By Jeremy Alford , Contributing writer

Posted: 07.05.05 - 01:46 PM

When the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge first opened for business in 1923 as the Retail Merchant's Credit Association, young runners would shuttle information up and down Third Street to companies like Sears and Montgomery Ward. Simply licking envelopes was considered a sufficient security precaution for transferring credit reports."

WFMY News 2 Greensboro, NC - Local & State News

WFMY News 2 Greensboro, NC - Local & State News: "Hispanics In Philanthropy

Winston-Salem, NC -- A fund-raising and awareness initiative out of North Carolina is leading a national effort to support Latino non-profit groups.

North Carolina has the largest Hispanics In Philanthropy program, and it is now launching a site in Forsyth County.

The program helps companies and other donors understand Latino non-profits and needs. It also brings more money to those organizations by matching state funding."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 - Politics - Bloomberg Gives Away Another $20 Million - Politics - Bloomberg Gives Away Another $20 Million: "Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given away another $20 million to 400 arts and social services groups.
The donations, which range from $10,000 to $100,000, are distributed by the Carnegie Corporation.
The recipients, which are selected by Carnegie, include a Staten Island program for women recovering from substance abuse, a Dominican advocacy and social services group in Washington Heights, the Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush, and at least five community groups in Harlem.
The New York Post reported Wednesday that the recipients also include The Drawing Center in SoHo. The center, one of the cultural institutions slated to open at ground zero, has angered Gov. George Pataki and some 9/11 family members by displaying art criticizing America's war on terrorism. The recipients were chosen before that controversy emerged, the paper said."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Citizens Voice - News - 07/05/2005 - Low river water keeps ducks high and dry

The Citizens Voice - News - 07/05/2005 - Low river water keeps ducks high and dry: "Low river water keeps ducks high and dry

Eight thousand rubber ducks never made it into the Susquehanna River due to low water levels at the 17th annual American Cancer Society Duck Derby.

But organizers said the derby organizers, who were also selling T-shirts, still came close to reaching their $37,000 fundraising goal. Proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society."

4 Mauians make list of top young businesspeople

4 Mauians make list of top young businesspeople: " Mauians make list of top young businesspeople

HONOLULU � Four Mauians, two in private business and two working for nonprofits, have been named to the annual �Forty Under 40� list of �Hawaii�s best and brightest young businesspeople� compiled by Pacific Business News."

Donors be wary of nonprofit ranking

Donors be wary of nonprofit ranking: "my view: James J. Vento
Donors be wary of nonprofit ranking

In response to the June 22 story, 'Indiana charities fare poorly in study,' I fear that our donor community, the lifeblood of Indianapolis nonprofit organizations, could be severely misled.
The Charity Navigator report ranks Indianapolis charities at number 23 out of 25, and the immediate mind's-eye image this statistic produces is not a pretty one. However, upon further examination, the following becomes apparent:
1.) The Charity Navigator's scale scores up to 70 points; 2.) The top-ranking city, San Diego, achieved a score of 56.68, which roughly translates to the 80th percentile; and 3.) The Indianapolis score of 48.34 puts it a hair short of the 70 percent percentile. To me, that really is not much of a point spread.
In addition, the Charity Navigator report encompasses 51 Indiana charities. When queried, its Indianapolis database shows a total of 31 nonprofits. Yet, with closer review one is able to discern that some of the earmarked charities, in reality, have donor roots throughout the state, the nation and even the world.
Furthermore, according to the 2002 database of The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, there were more than 16,000 nonprofits in the Indianapolis metro area. So how can one realistically declare the Top 5 and Bottom 5 Indianapolis charities from a sample of 31 nonprofits?
The Charity Navigator mission states that it works to guide intelligent giving. However, in an attempt to compare apples to apples, Charity Navigator adjusts its scores according to the type of charity being reviewed. In order to obtain the same comparable Charity Navigator score in the category of Administrative Expense, museums can have up to 45 p"

Looking for the AFP Blog of Blogs

The AFP Blog of Blogs lists all the AFP Resource Center Blogs and topics.
You can access the AFP Blog of Blogs here

Community Newswire-Digital TV station, the Community Channel, has today launched an online discussion

By Ben Pindar, Community Newswire

TV Forum London, Yesterday, 4:19pm
Digital TV station, the Community Channel, has today launched an online discussion forum to enable viewers to air their views and debate the day's hot topics.

The channel, the UK's only broadcaster dedicated to championing good causes, is hoping the new service based on their own website will encourage the general public to interact with one another."

Nonprofits woo a very particular donor: biotechs - The Boston Globe - - Business

Nonprofits woo a very particular donor: biotechs - The Boston Globe - - Business: "Nonprofits woo a very particular donor: biotechs
Giving tends to focus on science education
By Joe Light, Globe Correspondent July 5, 2005
Many of Boston's bedrock corporations have changed hands recently, creating a vacuum in corporate giving to local nonprofits. As the biotech industry matures, many charities are asking those companies to fill the void.

Dividends of sports sponsorship

Dividends of sports sponsorship: "Dividends of sports sponsorship

Tuesday July 05, 2005 06:56 - (SA)

While the conventional wisdom is that every rand spent on sports sponsorship should generate a return on investment of R5, money spent on sports development is often not expected to generate any direct return.

This is because sports development is not part of a marketing strategy, but falls into the category of corporate social investment. "

The State | 07/05/2005 | New foundation chief impressed with organization, community

The State | 07/05/2005 | New foundation chief impressed with organization, community: "New foundation chief impressed with organization, community


Associate Editor

AT JUST OVER 20 years old, the Central Carolina Community Foundation has made quite a name for itself.
Not only has it earned much-deserved accolades for promoting philanthropy in the Midlands, but it has gained respect and stature for its willingness and ability to tackle tough community issues."

Radio Polonia-Did Poles know it was Live 8?

Radio Polonia: "
Did Poles know it was Live 8?

The rock band U2, with their lead-singing poverty activist, Bono, play in Poland this Tuesday, still glowing from the success of the Live8 concerts at the weekend. Organizers say that a worldwide TV audience of 2 billion people watched some, if not all, of the events on Saturday. But how many Poles tuned in to watch?

Before I answer that, let�s go back in time to the first Live Aid concert in the mid-eighties. I remember the BBC news reports of the horrid scenes of starvation coming from Ethiopia. We�d never seen anything like it. I�d bought two copies of the Bob Geldof inspired Band Aid single that kicked the whole thing off � Do they know it�s Christmas? How naive we were back then. Of course a mainly Muslim country, as Ethiopia was in those days, didn�t know, or didn�t care if it was Christmas, or not. And the ones that did probably had slightly more pressing problems on their hands. " | 07/05/2005 | 'Poor man's philanthropist' Thomas Cannon dies | 07/05/2005 | 'Poor man's philanthropist' Thomas Cannon dies: "'Poor man's philanthropist' Thomas Cannon dies


Thomas Cannon, a retired Richmond, Va., postal worker who lived much of his life on the edge of poverty so he could give away a portion of his modest income to those in need, died July 2 of colon cancer at Richmond Community Hospital. He was 79.
The self-described poor man's philanthropist, he gave away more than $150,000 over the past 33 years, mostly in thousand-dollar checks, to people he read about in the Richmond Times-Dispatch who were experiencing hard times or who had been unusually kind or courageous."