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5 Tips:Donating to charity - Jul. 29, 2005

5 Tips:Donating to charity - Jul. 29, 2005: "Donating to charity
5 Tips: How to make your donation go far.
July 29, 2005: 2:17 PM EDT
By Gerri Willis, CNN/Money contributing columnist

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Tens of thousands of children are going to starve to death in the West African Nation of Niger unless they get aid. In fact, 1.2 million people are starving. It's a crisis that could have been avoided, according to the United Nations. But it seems no one was listening to the warnings last year.

In today's 5 tips we're going to tell you what you can do to help a worthy cause.
1. Find specialized charities - Framingham TAB -"Charity review program offered - Framingham TAB - Local News: "Charity review program offered
Friday, July 29, 2005

The Better Business Bureau, Inc, Serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont has launched a local charity review program to evaluate local charities against BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.
Local charities reports will be similar to BBB Wise Giving Alliance National Charity Reports. The program is an effort to expand national BBB charity review to the local community.
'Up until now, the BBB has reported our evaluations of national charities through the Council of BBB's Wise Giving Alliance,' said Robert H. Williams, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, Inc. Serving Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont i"

Ice cream parlor gives teens lessons to improve job skills

Ice cream parlor gives teens lessons to improve job skills:
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"PartnerShops, a creation of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc., are Ben & Jerry's shops independently owned and operated by nonprofit organizations. The South Burlington, Vt.-based company waives the $30,000 franchise fee and allows nonprofits to pump revenue back into the program and business.

In return, the nonprofits -- in this case Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit -- agree to hire youths and young adults like Dones who might otherwise find it tough to land a job. The newest venture opened Thursday in downtown's Compuware building."

Marshall Loeb's Daily Money Tip: Profiting from non-profit work - General News - Personal Finance

Marshall Loeb's Daily Money Tip: Profiting from non-profit work - General News - Personal Finance: "Profiting from non-profit work
By Marshall Loeb, MarketWatch
Last Update: 12:01 AM ET July 29, 2005

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- When for-profit executives employ their expertise on non-profit boards, they often do well while doing good. The result is a win-win for everyone.

A recent survey by Deloitte concludes that 97.5 percent of people who serve on nonprofit boards feel the experience builds their leadership skills, and 86.6 percent say it can help one's career.

'You are benefiting an organization, benefiting the community, and reflecting well on yourself and your for-profit company, leading to your own career advancement,' says Alice Korngold, corporate consultant and author of the new book Leveraging Good Will. Lobbying reform bill sparks questions Lobbying reform bill sparks questions:
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"Action on the bill was delayed by a proposal requiring lawmakers to wait a year after leaving elected office before working for a company, nonprofit or other special interest for whom they sponsored legislation. The House Finance Committee is expected to vote on the bill today."

Nonprofits Adopting a For-Profit Model

Nonprofits Adopting a For-Profit Model: "Nonprofits Adopting a For-Profit Model

The Associated Press
Thursday, July 28, 2005; 10:11 PM

NEW YORK -- Dan Cardinali is running his nonprofit organization like a business. Communities In Schools, a national dropout prevention program, went through a painful process last year similar to a corporate reorganization that included program cuts and layoffs.

Working with a consulting firm, Cardinali's organization spent seven months redefining the roles of its local, state, and national offices, changing its management team and tightening its business model.

'We were intent on becoming a really well-run nonprofit organization, balancing an efficiency of resources with high, substantial impact,' Cardinali said."

$4 Million Available to Encourage Baby Boomer Volunteers

$4 Million Available to Encourage Baby Boomer Volunteers: "4 Million Available to Encourage Baby Boomer Volunteers

July 28, 2005 - The Corporation for National and Community Service has announced the availability of approximately $4 million in Challenge Grants for a small number of nonprofit organizations to expand or launch new programs that encourage the baby boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964) to become volunteers to help meet important community needs.

Challenge Grants is a matching grant program in which applicants are required to provide at least $2 in private funds to match every federal dollar awarded. The Corporation anticipates making up to eight Challenge Grants this year, with a minimum grant of $500,000 and a maximum of $2 million. The deadline for applications is August 23, 2005."

Brits believe "forgotten money" should be donated to charity

Brits believe "forgotten money" should be donated to charity: "he majority of consumers have welcomed proposals that would transfer 'forgotten money' in bank and building society accounts to charities.

Government plans to donate the forgotten funds between a number of charitable organisations would be supported by the British public, according to a survey by financial solutions firm Experian.

A staggering amount of between £5 billion and £10 billion is estimated to be left unused in inactive bank accounts. "

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Weiner Says He Would Increase Ties With Religious Groups - New York Times

Weiner Says He Would Increase Ties With Religious Groups - New York Times: "Mr. Weiner, a congressman who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens, including heavily Jewish areas, said he would push for several measures to tie the city more closely to religious groups, including one to create a 'nonprofit czar' to coordinate the work of religious institutions and nonprofit organizations in combating poverty, drug abuse, hunger and homelessness." | Voluntary sector | Olympics to take gold from charity coffers | Voluntary sector | Olympics to take gold from charity coffers: "Olympics to take gold from charity coffers

Scratch cards for Games revenue could reduce grants for good causes by up to £68m over next four years

Alex Brown
Thursday July 28, 2005
The Guardian

Charities and other good causes are predicting the Olympic scratch cards, launched amid great fanfare in east London yesterday, will cost them millions in National Lottery funding over the next seven years.

The Go for Gold cards, on sale from tomorrow for £1 each, are expected to raise half of the £1.5bn of lottery money for the Olympics."

Royal Opera Says Vilar in Breach of Pledge

Royal Opera Says Vilar in Breach of Pledge: "Royal Opera Says Vilar in Breach of Pledge

The Associated Press
Wednesday, July 27, 2005; 11:52 AM

LONDON -- Britain's Royal Opera House has declared troubled philanthropist Alberto Vilar in breach of a multimillion-dollar pledge that saw the company put his name on its flagship building. It gave him 60 days to resume payments.

It is the latest sour note in the relationship between Britain's leading opera house and the Cuban-born financier, who was arrested in New York in May on charges of business fraud."

Edinburgh Evening News - Opinion - Comment - Please give a fair share to charities

Edinburgh Evening News - Opinion - Comment - Please give a fair share to charities: "Please give a fair share to charities


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A study by charity World Emergency Relief in May found nearly every single adult Briton had donated to the victims of the tsunami in some way. But the survey also found nearly 23 per cent would either give less or not give again to charity this year."

A philosophy of helping: Ben and Jerry's founders have cut a different path

A philosophy of helping: Ben and Jerry's founders have cut a different path: "A philosophy of helping: Ben and Jerry's founders have cut a different path

Sunday, July 18, 2004
By Linda Dickerson

When they first met in junior high school, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield didn't know that they would change the course of business history. They not only set a new standard for premium ice cream, but they also established a new standard for the way that companies relate to their communities.

These two classic entrepreneurs first aligned themselves because as Cohen says, 'We were the two slowest, fattest kids in our class.' Other than their physique, the two gentlemen shared a fundamental belief that 'as you help others, you are helped in return.'" | News | Article-search Engine Guide: Consultants Should Help Nonprofits Define Goals | News | Article: "search Engine Guide: Consultants Should Help Nonprofits Define Goals
July 28, 2005

By: Donald L. Baker
NSI Partners
NSI Partners' Donald L. Baker
Nonprofit organizations, like their for-profit counterparts, are aware of the need for search engine marketing to boost their online visibility. Nonprofits, which include trade associations and nongovernmental organizations as well as educational, public interest and religious groups, have information they wish to share with the public.

But as their budgets often are quite limited, many nonprofits are choosing SEM as a major part of their overall marketing and public relations. The search campaign therefore becomes more than a technical, Web site-based exercise. Properly conducted, it can give the nonprofit client strategic feedback regarding its goals, audience and message." New group offers nonprofits help New group offers nonprofits help: "New group offers nonprofits help

By Leslie Boyd
published: July 28, 2005 6:00 am

ASHEVILLE — In a time when nonprofit organizations are working with shrinking dollars, increasing need and new government regulations, some are struggling to find ways to be more efficient and effective.

Five regional philanthropic groups announced Wednesday a new collaboration, WNC Partners for Nonprofit Success, whose goal is to help nonprofit organizations get the training and other help they need."

Democrat & Chronicle: Local News-Golisano just keeps on giving

Democrat & Chronicle: Local News: "Golisano just keeps on giving

Foundation turns 20; billionaire says more projects in the works

Joy Davia
Staff Writer
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But it was Golisano's other contributions — including millions in philanthropy — that were being celebrated Wednesday. The B. Thomas Golisano Foundation marked its 20th birthday with a bus tour of six programs it has helped finance, including those at Continuing Developmental Services (CDS), Al Sigl Center and the art and therapy program at Dazzle."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

World Crises |' companies strike gold in South Africa

World Crises | "Do-gooder' companies strike gold in South Africa
Wed 27 Jul 2005 6:18 AM ET

By Rebecca Harrison

JOHANNESBURG, July 27 (Reuters) - Companies the world over face pressure to pump profits back into the community, but in South Africa -- blighted by AIDS and the legacy of apartheid -- doing good has become a crucial component of success.

Eleven years after the end of white rule, South Africa is battling the heaviest caseload of people with HIV, some of the world's biggest wealth disparities and a patchy education system that still fails most poor students.

At the same time, the government is pushing companies to right the wrongs of white rule by meeting strict quotas on black employment and ownership, and by contributing to development."

Ask the Armchair Millionaire: The rewards of giving back - Jul. 26, 2005

Ask the Armchair Millionaire: The rewards of giving back - Jul. 26, 2005: "The rewards of giving back
What tax deductions are available when I give to charities?
July 26, 2005: 2:34 PM EDT
By Lewis Schiff, the Armchair Millionaire

NEW YORK (Armchair Millionaire) - Dear Armchair Millionaire: Can you please tell me about the tax deductions that are available when I give to charities?

According to the Catalogue for Philanthropy, the average charitable contribution was $4,484 in 2002, the most recent year for which data is available. That's no small potatoes, and can make a big difference in the amount of tax you owe.

As these comments from the Armchair Millionaire community attest, there are lots of ways you can give back to your community:"

Metromix. Charity benefits from Garner 'shower'

Metromix. Charity benefits from Garner 'shower': "Charity benefits from Garner 'shower'

(AP/Charles Krupa)

By Associated Press

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- More than 400 items donated by baseball fans at a mock shower for mom-to-be Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck are going to a 'baby pantry' that helps low-income parents in southern West Virginia.

Garner and Affleck didn't attend the 'Jen and Ben Baby Shower Night' held earlier this month at a West Virginia Power minor league baseball game in Charleston, where Garner grew up."

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles Fundraising Just a Mouse Click Away

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles: "When Carol Vavra, a major and tactical airlift navigator in the U.S. Air Force, returns home from the Middle East at the end of July, her husband will have a surprise waiting for her.

Paul Vavra, a recently retired Air Force major and an avid classic rock fan, bought his wife a pair of tickets to a Rolling Stones concert for $760 on eBay. In the process, he made a substantial donation to the UJA-Federation of New York.

Last month the federation hosted its first auction on eBay. With about 200 sales of items contributed by donors, the auction raised about $115,000 for the organization.

The initiative reflects a growing trend among Jewish groups to move their fundraising ventures to the Internet, which they say has proven to be far more efficient than more traditional modes of solicitation."

Taiwan News Online-Man gives NT$24m to charity

Taiwan News Online: "A charity volunteer who won the grand prize of some NT$100 million in a computerized lottery draw made a record donation of NT$24 million to various charity groups yesterday.

The winner, who is using the alias 'Chang Tian-you,' usually does volunteer work at the Creation Social Welfare Foundation, a charity nursing home for brain dead patients.

Chang, attributing his luck to his kindness, said he decided to donate NT$20 million to the CSWF through the Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, which made the donation on his behalf." Business-Nonprofits embrace corporate tools Business: "Nonprofits embrace corporate tools

Web Posted: 07/23/2005 12:00 AM CDT

L.A. Lorek
Express-News Business Writer

The San Antonio Symphony, which emerged from bankruptcy a year ago, understands the need for marketing and good corporate governance — just like a for-profit company.

During bankruptcy, the symphony launched a regional marketing campaign, overhauled its 23-member board, established an audit committee, and put other oversight measures into place, said Kenneth A. Oleson, its board chairman and senior vice president at Zachry Construction Corp. As a result, the symphony just finished its first season in the black."

PlaybillArts: News: Judge Rules That Bournemouth Symphony's Tickets Are Not Tax-Exempt

PlaybillArts: News: Judge Rules That Bournemouth Symphony's Tickets Are Not Tax-Exempt: "Judge Rules That Bournemouth Symphony's Tickets Are Not Tax-Exempt

By Ben Mattison
22 Jul 2005

A British judge has ruled that the Bournemouth Symphony must pay the U.K.'s value-added tax (VAT), the London Telegraph reports.

The orchestra had claimed that as a nonprofit group its ticket sales should be exempt from the tax. But the judge found that because managing director Michael Henson, a paid employee, is a member of the BSO's board, the board is not 'essentially voluntary' and the orchestra is not eligible for an exemption."

Billion-dollar capital goals may tax givers - Orlando -

Billion-dollar capital goals may tax givers - Orlando - "Billion-dollar capital goals may tax givers
Leaders divided over community's ability to handle multiple campaigns at same time.

By Susan Lundine
Orlando Business Journal
Updated: 8:00 p.m. ET July 24, 2005

ORLANDO -- Can a handful of major Orlando organizations raise $1 billion to $2 billion in donations simultaneously for community capital projects that range from a performing arts center to a new children's hospital and a medical school?

Orlando's community and business leaders are divided on the issue. After all, local experts say, fundraising of this magnitude has never been attempted here before."

Johns Hopkins Gazette | July 25, 2005-"Campaign On Track to $2 Billion

Johns Hopkins Gazette | July 25, 2005: "Campaign On Track to $2 Billion

JHU wraps up second-best fund raising year in its history

By Greg Rienzi
The Gazette

Johns Hopkins recently completed the second-best fund-raising year in its history and now lies squarely on track to achieve the ambitious $2 billion goal for its Knowledge for the World campaign.

In July 2000, trustees of the university and the health system authorized the institutions to accept gifts to help build and upgrade facilities on all campuses, to strengthen endowment for student aid and faculty support, and to advance research, academic and clinical initiatives.

To date, Johns Hopkins institutions have raised more than $1.8 billion with two years left in the campaign."

The Chronicle: 7/29/2005: The Risks of Sunshine

The Chronicle: 7/29/2005: The Risks of Sunshine: "The Risks of Sunshine

Some college-related foundations are under the gun to open their books, but many worry about donors' privacy rights


Early last month Dan Saftig, president of the Iowa State University Foundation, sat in his office reviewing a list of 8,400 donors, who contributed a combined $2.6-million in May. The records contained the names of donors, the dollar range of each donation, and the designated use for each gift.

But Mr. Saftig was not reading his own copy of the records. He was looking at a local newspaper's Web site, where anybody could find the same information.

For Mr. Saftig, the moment marked the end of a three-year battle by the foundation, which raises money for Iowa State University, to keep donor names and other records confidential. The Des Moines Register requested the documents soon after the Iowa Supreme Court decided in February that the foundation performs a government function for a state institution, and so its records must be open to the public. The newspaper plans to continue to run the donor lists on its Web site every month."

New York Daily News - City News - Can you spare a dime - or $500M?

New York Daily News - City News - Can you spare a dime - or $500M?: "Can you spare
a dime - or $500M?

Huge WTC fund drive


A 6-ton carbonized mass of crushed concrete, pulverized steel and melted furniture that was found among rubble at Ground Zero is in JFK’s Hangar 17.
Artist's rendition World Trade Center memorial and surrounding complex, which the city is trying to build in part through a $500 million fund-raising campaign.
Gretchen Dykstra, president of the World Trade Center Memorial foundation, stands at spot on Liberty St. overlooking Ground Zero.
Reach for your wallets and tell your kids to crack open their piggy banks: The $500 million campaign to build a world-class memorial at Ground Zero has begun.

Students and stockbrokers, firefighters and financiers, baseball fans and business barons will all be asked to pony up in one of the greatest fund-raising challenges in New York City history.

Lewis to get Emmy for philanthropy! :

Lewis to get Emmy for philanthropy! : "Jerry Lewis to get an Emmy for his philanthropy

Asian News International

Washington, July 26, 2005
Veteran comedian Jerry Lewis is to be honoured with the prestigious Governors Award by The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

According to Eonline, Lewis will get it at the 2005 Primetime Emmy Awards for his tireless work raising millions of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association via his annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telet"

Average Charity Netted 41 Percent From Commercial Fundraising In 2003

Average Charity Netted 41 Percent From Commercial Fundraising In 2003: "Average Charity Netted 41 Percent From Commercial Fundraising In 2003
Attorney General Releases Annual Fundraising Reports; Publishes Donor Guide On Solicitation
By: Office of the Attorney General
Published: July 22, 2005 at 09:00

Attorney General Bill Lockyer today released a report that shows the average charity in 2003 received just over 40 percent of the revenue raised in donation campaigns run by commercial fundraisers, with roughly one-quarter of the campaigns netting nonprofits 15 percent or less.

'Charities need to carefully assess whether employing commercial fundraisers is the wisest, best way to raise money for valuable programs that serve our communities,' said Lockyer. 'The average nonprofit's receipts from these campaigns improved slightly in 2003. Unfortunately, the numbers show that too many charities receive too few dollars from too many commercial fundraising efforts.'"

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Sun Herald | 07/24/2005 | Attorneys in 2 states fighting over charity suit

The Sun Herald | 07/24/2005 | Attorneys in 2 states fighting over charity suit: "Attorneys in 2 states fighting over charity suit



NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A dispute over whether a charitable foundation should be based in Tennessee or Mississippi is being fought in two separate courts at the same time.

A federal judge last week ruled a dispute over the Maddox Foundation should be settled in Mississippi state courts.

But Nashville District Attorney General Torry Johnson and attorney Woody Woodruff say a suit filed in Tennessee does not fall under the federal ruling.

The two cases involve allegations against Robin G. Costa, the foundation's president, who is accused of wrongly moving the foundation from Nashville to Hernando, Miss., in 1999 and mismanaging the $100 million nonprofit organization."