Friday, February 02, 2007 Pacific students to manage $1M fund Pacific students to manage $1M fund: "STOCKTON - It's not play money.

Beginning this semester, students from University of the Pacific's Eberhardt School of Business will manage an investment fund seeded by a $1 million gift from the Bank of Stockton and its president and chief executive officer, Douglass Eberhardt.

The purpose of the fund, school officials said, is to link education with experience.

'The student investment fund represents one of the best experiential learning opportunities on campus and will truly create career-ready graduates in finance,' Dean Chuck Williams said.

Ten undergraduate and graduate students were selected to participate in the fund through a formal application process"

Monroe 'tree of life' gets ax

Monroe 'tree of life' gets ax: "Monroe 'tree of life' gets ax

Officials say display for needy violates blight rules

Valerie Tobias / Associated Press

'I see it as an act of the devil trying to block God's work,' Anthony Johnson says about the display being shut down. Anthony, his wife, Connie, right, and their daughter Lillian, 9, hang items in early January. See full image

MONROE -- It was a symbol of philanthropy to some, used to hang donations of clothing and toys for the needy, but the city has put an end to the 'tree of life.'

Anthony and Connie Johnson started displaying items on the tree near their home last summer, often buying the items themselves. Passers-by were invited to stop and choose the items they needed."

onPhilanthropy: Rumors of the Death of Arts Philanthropy Are Wildly Exaggerated

onPhilanthropy: Rumors of the Death of Arts Philanthropy Are Wildly Exaggerated: "True, no one knows how many museums there are in the United States. True, whatever that number is, some museums do close their doors, as do other arts organizations (and hospitals and schools and soup kitchens). True, performing arts theater attendance may be down by 5.5%. True, charitable outpourings for tsunamis and the refugees of governments that kill their own people may grab bigger headlines than the local ballet."

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Charity Ordered To Repay $2M - News

Charity Ordered To Repay $2M - News: "KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- St. Louis-based charity Gateway to a Cure has been ordered to pay more than $2 million in restitution.

The organization was ordered to pay civil penalties for $1,000 tickets it sold in a charity raffle on a luxury Kansas City home. Gateway to a Cure raises money for spinal cord research."

Joy at $10m violin gift in land of beer and cricket - Arts - Entertainment

Joy at $10m violin gift in land of beer and cricket - Arts - Entertainment:
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"The Carrodus, a violin made in 1743 by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, is a gift to Tognetti and the ACO from an Australian benefactor who does not want to be named. One of only 100 made by del Gesu, it has been described as 'one of the four or five finest of the finest' violins in the world, by the respected London dealer Charles Beare."

Association demands board accountability

Association demands board accountability: "Association demands board accountability

By Andrew McGill email
Collegian Staff Writer

The Penn State Board of Trustees has long been the ultimate administrative body of the university. Now, a national organization is asking the board to show that it's doing the job right.

On Jan. 17, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) released 'Statement on Board Accountability,' calling for university boards nationwide to pursue transparency and responsibility in their standards, policies and finances. Penn State is a member of the AGB."

Tampabay: Police power key to Katrina dog case

Tampabay: Police power key to Katrina dog case: "The long and twisted saga over two dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina may boil down to one simple question:

Does the Humane Society of Pinellas have “police power?’’

If it does, the two dogs — a shepherd mix and a St. Bernard — were properly adopted and should not be returned to the original owners in Louisiana, one side maintains."

First-Ever Washington D.C. Non Profit Salary Survey Released By Professionals for NonProfits: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

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First-Ever Washington D.C. Non Profit Salary Survey Released By Professionals for NonProfits: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "First-Ever Washington D.C. Non Profit Salary Survey Released By Professionals for NonProfits
Wednesday January 31, 10:30 am ET
Survey gives voice to DC-area non profits; Salaries on the rise as competition for talent and merit compensation escalates

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Washington DC is the US city with the highest percentage of people working in the non profit sector. Today Professionals for NonProfits (PNP) released the first ever DC NonProfit Salary Survey. The Survey is an important new tool for non profit managers who can now base their requests and offers on current and accurate data -- specific to their sector and specific to DC. Employers will know how they must compete for the most talented pool of candidates, and candidates will know their worth in this unique employment market."

'We're pretty sure about the vision, but we'll never find another Hanley'

'We're pretty sure about the vision, but we'll never find another Hanley': "The next year will be hers to find out. The 16-year-old is one of 21 teenagers plucked from the shantytowns of Guatemala City to join a new hospitality training program organized by Safe Passage, a charitable organization with U.S. headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine.
Safe Passage founder Hanley Denning's death from a Jan. 18 traffic accident in Guatemala delayed the program's start by a week, as staff and children fed and educated by the program reeled from the loss of the beloved 36-year-old from Maine.
The board of directors was also unsettled: Could members ever find a worthy replacement to lead the 100 employees and the 400 volunteers Safe Passage gets each year?" Money: The Price of Charity Money: The Price of Charity: "Study: 'A Greater Price for a Greater Good? The Charity Premium at eBay 'Giving Works' '

Authors: Brian McManus and Daniel Elfenbein (Olin School of Business, Washington University in St. Louis)

Status: Working paper

Summary: Which would you rather buy: an iPod that costs $199 or one that costs $10 more–but sends the extra money to charity? A new study finds that even charitable giving has its limits.

Will people pay more for a product that backs a good cause? Yes, up to a point, according to studies conducted by Brian McManus and Daniel Elfenbein, two professors at the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis."

Automatic donations help boost church revenue - The Boston Globe

Automatic donations help boost church revenue - The Boston Globe: "Automatic donation systems can help boost church revenues as they make life more convenient for the flock

By Ross Kerber, Globe Staff | January 29, 2007

If charitable contributions are one path to heaven, Edward Sampson will get there on auto-pay."

The Wealth Report - : Hedge-Funders Share the Wealth

The Wealth Report - : Hedge-Funders Share the Wealth: "Hedge-Funders Share the Wealth

If hedge-funders represent the latest wave of wealth, they also represent the latest wave of philanthropy. Or at least that’s the hope of charities and arts groups around the country.

An article by Nicole Lewis in the Chronicle of Philanthropy details the giving of some of the top hedge-fund managers, including Citadel’s Kenneth C. Griffin; Arthur J. Samberg, chairman of Pequot Capital Management; and Douglas C. Floren, co-founder of DCF Capital."

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/28/2007 | Doing good, doing well

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/28/2007 | Doing good, doing well: "Doing good, doing well

Thomas J. Walsh

is an editor at Geneva Global Inc., a for-profit philanthropy company based in Wayne

For-profit philanthropy... a contradiction in terms? Well, 2006 might have been the year that brought the philanthropic urge (to help people, as the Greek roots remind us, out of 'love' for people) together with the moneymaking principle. The aim of the recent movement toward for-profit philanthropy (also labeled 'hybrid' or 'entrepreneurial') is to keep philanthropic efforts on course with a successful business model, not to enrich shareholders."

Pacific parrots receive record funds from Birdwatching Fair

Pacific parrots receive record funds from Birdwatching Fair: "Pacific parrots receive record funds from Birdwatching Fair


Parrots in the Pacific, many of which are facing considerable threats, have been handed a significant lifeline with news that the British Birdwatching Fair has raised record amounts towards their conservation.

At a ceremony today at the headquarters of the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK), a cheque for £215,000 (421,000 USD) was handed to BirdLife International from the organisers of the British Birdwatching Fair."

GW's endowment breaks one billion - News

GW's endowment breaks one billion - News: "GW's endowment breaks one billion
by Brandon Butler
Senior News Editor
Issue date: 2/1/07 Section: News

Page 1 of 1

GW's endowment has broken the $1 billion mark, the University announced yesterday.

In a statement distributed Wednesday afternoon, GW announced that as of Dec. 31, the endowment stood at about $1.019 billion. When University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg assumed the presidency in 1988, GW had an endowment of about $200 million. Over the last 19 years, the endowment has grown by more than $800 million."

Fundraising: Philanthropy Journal Special Report

Fundraising: Philanthropy Journal Special Report: "Fundraising: Philanthropy Journal Special Report

The face of America and American philanthropy is changing.

In this special report, PJ looks at strategies nonprofits can use to find and engage donors who are becoming increasingly diverse.

Our next special report will look at planned giving. Look for it March 21.

Todd Cohen, editor and publisher"

onPhilanthropy: Live from Sundance: Are Your Donors Going Hollywood on You?

onPhilanthropy: Live from Sundance: Are Your Donors Going Hollywood on You?: "Yesterday’s double Oscar nod to “An Inconvenient Truth” doesn’t affirm the artistic brilliance of Power Point. But it does confirm the power that documentary film has gained to catalyze social change.

Nonprofits and academia couldn’t achieve in decades what was wrought in one year by a film from one Jeff Skoll whose for-profit film company, Participant Productions, was established to create “impassioned entertainment.”"

Leonsis's 'Filmanthropy' Plants a Seed With Buddies -

Leonsis's 'Filmanthropy' Plants a Seed With Buddies - "Leonsis's 'Filmanthropy' Plants a Seed With Buddies

By Thomas Heath
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, January 25, 2007; Page D01

Ted Leonsis had seen his documentary 'Nanking' dozens of times before it premiered Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. He bankrolled it and selected the director, the actors and agents. He traveled to China and helped in the editing. But there he was wiping the tears off his face at the end of the premiere in the Library Theatre in Park City, after 'A Film by Ted Leonsis' had scrolled past in the credits."

LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas

LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas: "His full name is Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo, and his heart is as big as his name."

Monday, January 29, 2007

Development programs on rise in Catholic schools | Arkansas Catholic | 2007-01-27

Development programs on rise in Catholic schools | Arkansas Catholic | 2007-01-27: "Development programs on rise in Catholic schools

Published: January 27, 2007
Sandra Ware
Kerry Hornibrook, new development director at St. Joseph School in Fayetteville, stands with a display board for the school's annual fund. It illustrates how far the school has come toward its goal of raising $40,000 toward general operating expenses this year.

By Susan Thielemier
Pocahontas Correspondent

In a push to bridge the gap between operational cost and tuition, many schools throughout the Diocese of Little Rock have added a development director to their staff.

Six of the state's 32 Catholic schools now have full-time development directors. These include St. Joseph in Fayetteville, Immaculate Conception in Fort Smith, Subiaco Academy in Subiaco, and Catholic High, Christ the King and Mount St. Mary schools in Little Rock."

Nonprofits looking to boomers -

Nonprofits looking to boomers - "Nonprofits looking to boomers
County groups study new fundraising strategy involving bequest giving
By Larry Carson
sun reporter
Originally published January 26, 2007

With support waning from United Way and frequent shifts in corporate and government giving, Howard County's nonprofits are working on a new fundraising strategy - bequests from increasingly wealthy baby boomers."



Putting your name forward is a good way to help others

International conflict and education top the league of worries for the future among black people, according to a new survey released last week by Get on Board, a campaign to encourage people to volunteer as charity trustees.

The research reveals that 25 to 44 year-olds are likely to worry more about the future than the older generation. Among ethnic minority people in this age group, nearly a quarter place the future education of their children at the top of their list of worries; while a fifth have concerns about international conflict; and more than one in eight are most worried about environmental issues."

Editorial: Perils of being nonprofit

Editorial: Perils of being nonprofit: "n the wake of several recent scandals involving nonprofit organizations, Waco is fortunate to have had a group of fund-raising professionals in place to offer assistance to all nonprofit organizations.

That synergy will be in evidence at a seminar Tuesday hosted by the local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals — a national professional association of individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations. The seminar’s intent was to help area nonprofit groups assess their own practices and procedures after Downtown Waco Inc. closed its doors."

Nonprofits expand their search for the next generation of leaders -

Nonprofits expand their search for the next generation of leaders - "
Frank Sietzen, The Examiner
Read more by Frank Sietzen
Jan 29, 2007 3:00 AM (7 hrs ago)
Current rank: # 624 of 13,555 articles
WASHINGTON - As the baby boom generation of charitable leaders moves toward retirement, many of those responsible for finding and nurturing new nonprofit managers are scouring different sector of the region’s economy for talent. And they are finding that no one solution fits every nonprofit’s staffing needs."

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Nonprofits adopting tougher donor rules

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Nonprofits adopting tougher donor rules: "Nonprofits adopting tougher donor rules

By Stephanie Strom

The New York Times

After the 2004 tsunami that devastated shorelines around the Indian Ocean, the relief group Médecins Sans Frontières, won plaudits for its decision to halt fundraising for the disaster once it had collected enough donations to accomplish the mission it had set for itself.

Other relief organizations raised as much as they could and faced criticism from French and British regulators and others for being unable to spend all of it expediently."

Melinda Gates in the spotlight - Give and Take -

Melinda Gates in the spotlight - Give and Take - "y Edith M. Lederer
Updated: 10:28 p.m. ET Jan 27, 2007

DAVOS, Switzerland - Melinda Gates has traveled the world with her husband, meeting with the rich and powerful and visiting its poorest in remote African villages. She and her husband share top billing at the world’s richest foundation, but Bill Gates always dominated the spotlight — until this year.

Taking the stage at this week’s World Economic Forum for the first time, Melinda addressed health, development and women’s issues before a VIP audience."

United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Citigroup pledges disaster relief money

United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Citigroup pledges disaster relief money: "Citigroup pledges disaster relief money

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 26 (UPI) -- The U.N. World Food Program hopes to have disaster relief ready before the next tsunami, earthquake or hurricane strikes, with help from the private sector.

A new initiative -- called the Emergency Network -- was announced by WFP and Citigroup Thursday at the World Economic Forum. It enables companies to donate items such as trucks, telecommunications equipment and food, which the agency can keep on-hand for disaster relief."

The Yale Herald - January 26, 2007 - Elis get course credit for New Haven service

The Yale Herald - January 26, 2007 - Elis get course credit for New Haven service: "Elis get course credit for New Haven service


Paul Bass, JE ‘82, encourages his students to volunteer for non-profits in New Haven in lieu of taking a midterm.
y graduation, a typical Yale student has devoted thousands of hours to both studies and extracurricular community service. For most Elis, these two pursuits remain apart: Students attend class during the day and volunteer for outside organizations on their own time. But an innovative program known as the Community Based Learning Initiative is blurring this distinction by offering the unique opportunity to earn course credit for community service research."