Friday, November 30, 2007

Considering his value to PSU, Paterno's salary seems too low -

Considering his value to PSU, Paterno's salary seems too low - "But most significant for the university, Paterno has been an indefatigable leader in supporting its academic programs, both by personal example of philanthropy and as perhaps Penn State's foremost fund-raiser. He and his wife Sue have contributed more than $4 million for endowed faculty positions, scholarships and building projects, including the Paterno library. The coach's mere presence at a fundraising event brings out the big checkbooks."

San Jose Mercury News - Donations to same-sex schools show gender gap

San Jose Mercury News - Donations to same-sex schools show gender gap: "When an old classmate called Rob Matarangas and squeezed him for a significant donation to a Bellarmine College Prep scholarship fund, he was hard-pressed to say no. That meant he sent a bigger check to Bellarmine this year than his wife, Gigi, sent to her alma mater, Presentation High School. And that didn't include the money they sent to Bellarmine's annual fundraising fashion show at the Fairmont Hotel today - even though they can't attend."

The Enquirer - Boomer wealth may leave area

The Enquirer - Boomer wealth may leave area: "Local baby boomers will soon leave billions to their kids, and a local foundation is worried those funds will follow a generation of young people out of Greater Cincinnati. As much as $169 billion is expected to shift from parents and grandparents in Hamilton, Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont and Warren counties to younger relatives by 2055, according to a recent study on wealth transfer by the Rural Policy Research Institute's Center for Rural Entrepreneurship. That finding follows a national trend in which about $41 trillion is expected to change hands by 2052. That may be good news for a slacker kid waiting to get his hands on mommy's fortune, but not necessarily for this region, which is losing more 25-to-34-year-olds - a group that stands to inherit much of that cash - than it gains."

Toy donations slow as holidays approach

Toy donations slow as holidays approach: "As the holiday season gets under way, Austin-area toy donations have been slowed by bad weather, a sluggish economy and product recalls, according to nonprofit groups that specialize in helping needy families this time of year. Dogged by miserable weather Saturday, the city's largest one-day toy drive, the Chuy's Children Giving to Children Parade, was a near-bust, drawing donations of about 2,400 toys. Last year's event drew about 42,000 toys, assistant parade director Brooke Cox said."

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Local - Swedes love to hug

The Local - Swedes love to hug: "n a bid to remedy this, the Swedish Red Cross has just launched its 'Hugs for the Lonely' drive, which will run from December 1st to 21st. The campaign is going national this year after a local Red Cross chapter in Västerås, 100 kilometres west of Stockholm, made around 300,000 kronor selling embraces last year."

New trend in charity: giving winnings back :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Richard Roeper

New trend in charity: giving winnings back :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Richard Roeper: "You're far too kind You gotta love the story about the Lake Forest man who won a $30,000 raffle ticket, and then gave the winnings back to the organization that held the drawing. Marc Jacobson won the Northbrook Rotarians' raffle, but as Jacobson said in Robert Elfinger's story in the Pioneer Press, 'We don't take money from charities, we give to charities.'"

The Daily Beacon-"Charity lacks male support

The Daily Beacon: "Charity lacks male support Kevin Dalby - News Editor Thursday, November 29, 2007 issue Click here to print Dance Marathon may be one of the largest student-run philanthropy events at UT, but a chunk of the campus demographic has been noticeably absent in past years — men. As fundraising and registration for the 14-hour dance party draw near, those in charge want male students to step up their participation levels."

stamford times - Charitable donation targets switch for nation

stamford times - Charitable donation targets switch for nation: "The sixth annual GuideStar survey shows contributions to organizations that support national security, medical research, philanthropy, voluteerism and religion saw the greatest increases in contributions."

Press-Telegram - L.B. gains $1.8B from nonprofits

Press-Telegram - L.B. gains $1.8B from nonprofits: "L.B. gains $1.8B from nonprofits Panel at CSULB finds groups also spend most of their money on services in Long Beach. By Kristopher Hanson, Staff writer Article Launched: 11/28/2007 10:20:59 PM PST LONG BEACH - A new study shows that local nonprofits employ more than 13,000 people, inject close to $1.8 billion annually into the local economy and spend nearly 84 cents of every dollar generated on direct services in Long Beach.
But the report fails to include the total impact of churches, synagogues and other religious groups, instead focusing strictly on the social service arms of those organizations.
And in a finding that hardly comes as a surprise to people in the field, the study shows that nonprofit employees are generally paid less than their for-profit counterparts."

Spending Google's money on conscientious causes | Tech News on ZDNet

Spending Google's money on conscientious causes | Tech News on ZDNet: "On Monday, Google said it would spend hundreds of millions of dollars funding companies developing clean energy and investing directly in technologies like solar thermal power, wind power, and geothermal systems. The goal is to find a way to make renewable energy cheaper than coal and thus reduce greenhouse emissions that threaten the future of the planet. CNET talked about Google's philanthropic actions and philosophies with Dr. Larry Brilliant, the executive director of non-profit"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ted Leonsis: 'It's the Greatest Time to Be an Entrepreneur' - Knowledge@Wharton

Ted Leonsis: 'It's the Greatest Time to Be an Entrepreneur' - Knowledge@Wharton: "online businesses can cultivate people's desire to volunteer and give back. 'It's all about getting out of the I, I and I, and really seeing where you want to fit into the bigger world.' The Internet has led to a whole new type of charitable giving -- online philanthropy, where 'micro-donations' by many donors can add up to a sizeable contribution."

R.I. ranks last, Mass. 27th in annual giving index - Providence Business News

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R.I. ranks last, Mass. 27th in annual giving index - Providence Business News: "WATERTOWN, Mass. – Wyoming residents with incomes of $200,000 or more per year gave the most to charity in 2005, followed by residents of Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arkansas and Utah, the nonprofit Catalogue for Philanthropy said in its 11th annual report. Their peers in Rhode Island gave the least, followed by New Jersey, Alsaka, Hawaii and West Virginia."

NGOs urged to play larger role --

NGOs urged to play larger role -- "The country has reiterated its support for local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and urged them to build capacity for a larger role in a harmonious society, even as the number of groups here continues to rise. Li Yong, deputy director of the State Administration of NGOs, said at a seminar on Monday that in line with the country's rapid economic growth the number of Chinese NGOs had been growing by up to 15 percent a year. Last year, the country had 354,000 registered NGOs."

David Caprara and Robert L. Mallett - Corporate Philanthropy 2.0 -

David Caprara and Robert L. Mallett - Corporate Philanthropy 2.0 - "Corporate Philanthropy 2.0 By David Caprara and Robert L. Mallett Special to's Think Tank Town Wednesday, November 28, 2007; 12:00 AM

A volunteer scientist working to improve patient care in northern Kenya and an accountant building a financial reporting system for a small NGO in Capetown. A doctor assessing training for medical colleagues in Russia and a pharmacist working at a border clinic helping Burmese refugees. An MBA in Rwanda procuring potentially life-saving medicines.

To paraphrase, these are not your grandfather's or your father's volunteers. Instead, they are the faces of a revolution in corporate citizenship -- from highly trained and skilled professionals volunteering for company-sponsored and specialized assignments around the world to more localized volunteering programs engaging employees and local volunteers in country."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Las Cruces Sun-News - 2007 "Tough Enough to Wear Pink' campaign shatters fundraising records (4:51 p.m.)

Las Cruces Sun-News - 2007 "Tough Enough to Wear Pink' campaign shatters fundraising records (4:51 p.m.): "2007 'Tough Enough to Wear Pink' campaign shatters fundraising records (4:51 p.m.) By Jason Gibbs/Sun-News reporter Article Launched: 11/26/2007 04:52:40 PM MST LAS CRUCES - The Aggies were 'Tough Enough to Wear Pink' and the community was willing to cowboy up to help find a cure for cancer. Their combined efforts led to a record-setting $450,000 raised locally in cash and in-kind donations, all earmarked for cancer research. The 25th annual Cowboys for Cancer Research event in October, combined with the 'NMSU Aggies are Tough Enough to Wear Pink' fundraiser, netted more than $350,000 in cash and another $100,000 of in-kind donations for cancer research, organizers said."

Nonprofit Careers (California Job Journal)

Nonprofit Careers (California Job Journal):

"For people interested in doing fundraising, Green suggests a visit to The Association of Fundraising Professionals is a national organization with chapters throughout California. 'I would advise those interested in the nonprofit field to discover their own concerns and interests, and then purse them.'"

Members of aquarium board set sail -

Members of aquarium board set sail -: "It appears that the aquarium will get to keep its collection. Attendance is level and the nonprofit expects 2007 to be its third straight year in the black, thanks mostly to its latest deal in which its lenders agreed to match some of its payments dollar-for-dollar. For the first nine months of this year, the aquarium was $203,383 in the red, a deficit it expects to cover easily in the last quarter, when many donors stroke year-end checks."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Press Release:

Press Release:: "Students fan the torch of philanthropy at Queen’s Monday November 26, 2007 Bright red, yellow and blue tags attached to equipment, furniture and buildings across campus today celebrate alumni gifts to Queen’s. By drawing attention to the many ways in which former students support their alma maters, the University is able to highlight philanthropic giving and its impact on the every-day life of the campus.

“The sheer number of items labeled will make these gifts highly visible and I think most people will be inclined to read the information on the tags to find out what this is all about,” says annual giving officer Ruth Wannnemacher." nonprofits rake it in with raffles? "This December, some lucky soul out there will win a million-dollar home in West Hills, and Kadima Hebrew Academy will pocket $1 million to benefit the school.
Actually, probably not. The more likely scenario is that the grand prize winner of Kadima's first stab at a mega-raffle will take home a six-figure prize, and Kadima will net the same, depending on how many more of its 18,000 available tickets it sells.

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From the USPS

Charity drive targets women-

Charity drive targets women- "Charity drive targets women Friday, November 23, 2007 By PATRICK JOHNSON EASTHAMPTON - The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts is taking part in a recently launched national philanthropic campaign to raise $150 million for non-profit organizations that aid women and young girls. Carla M. Oleska, executive director of the Women's Fund, said the Easthampton-based organization will be a part of the 'Women Moving Millions' philanthropic campaign, which was launched last week."

Tight economic times mean smart charitable giving more important than ever -- South Florida

Tight economic times mean smart charitable giving more important than ever -- South Florida "Tight economic times mean smart charitable giving more important than ever South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board November 25, 2007Holiday season inspires generosity. There's something about the holidays that brings out the do-gooder in people. Volunteering hits its peak between Thanksgiving and New Year's, when many charities also raise a third, even half, of their revenue for the entire year, as the spirit of generosity takes hold and donors race to beat the Dec. 31 tax deduction deadline."

Giving thanks for charitable generosity -, North Andover, MA

Giving thanks for charitable generosity -, North Andover, MA: "A few days before Thanksgiving, I started to compile a list of things for which the city could be grateful, when a headline gave me one answer. The headline was on a news story about Ernie DiBurro giving $100,000 to Haverhill High to add to the scholarship money being made available to students. It made me think of how grateful a city like Haverhill should be to have people like Ernie who have been generous with their donations to help others. Over the years, people have made contributions that moved the city forward, helping others and making life a little better for everyone."

The Daily Advertiser -LANO is thankful for work of nonprofits

The Daily Advertiser - - Lafayette, LA: "LANO is thankful for work of nonprofits During this season of giving and gratitude, the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations is thankful for the ethical, responsible and productive nonprofits that daily serve our citizens, particularly the most vulnerable.

We applaud Gov.-elect Jindal's efforts to pass ethics reforms. We believe that all businesses, both those for profit and those not-for-profit, as well as government agencies, should be transparent, ethical and accountable."

Nonprofit Roundtable Home Page

Nonprofit Roundtable Home Page: "BEYOND CHARITY: RECOGNIZING RETURN ON INVESTMENT How the Nonprofit Community Impacts Greater Washington, the groundbreaking result of a yearlong effort to answer, 'What difference do nonprofits make?' was released, in collaboration with the World Bank Group, on November 26, 2007." The reason for charity "EDITORIAL: The reason for charity 11/26/2007 6:13:38 AM Daily Journal An Associated Press report in Friday's Daily Journal described continuing need among various food banks in the coastal communities recovering from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Similar needs are found in all communities, including the towns and cities across Northeast Mississippi. The year-end holiday season is critical for most charitable entities as donors take advantage of tax deductions and a generous spirit moves people to contribute."