Monday, October 30, 2006

Business school class learns through philanthropy - News

Business school class learns through philanthropy - News: "Business school class learns through philanthropy
by Nicholas Marell
Issue date: 10/30/06 Section: News

The 58 students in 'Analysis of Business Issues' class are using community service projects to hone their business skills.

Community service becomes a business venture for the students, who will compete in groups and present their project strategy and results in December to a group of outside judges. The judges will then select the best service project as well as the best presentation. "

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Gayle said...


Loved this quote from the article:

One group of sophomores created a project they called Lemons for Leukemia. The group gave away free lemonade on Thursday and Friday in Kogan plaza, asking for donations rather than selling the product ... 'It involves a lot of hard work,' he said. "We started this service project from scratch, rather than doing work with a service group. The idea of selling lemonade for leukemia victims is completely original." On Thursday, Lemons for Leukemia made about $279."

Wonder what grade they got for this?