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After spending a year volunteering for an environment project in Belize, Luke is keen to join a charity. But is his gap year experience and his degree in geography enough? Debbie Andalo finds out

Wednesday August 10, 2005
The Guardian

Luke, 22, has just returned from a gap year volunteering for an environment project in Belize. He left university with a 2:1 in geography and is keen to work for a charity.

1 Competition for charity jobs is fierce. Luke must forget about any dreams he has of stepping into a campaigning or field worker post - he will have to start at the bottom. First, he must make sure he has built up at least a year working as a charity volunteer so that he understands the ethos of the sector. It is essential he is computer literate and can get to grips with Microsoft Word; PowerPoint, Excel and the database programme Access. He might then apply for administrative posts with a salary starting at around £15,000."

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