Monday, October 31, 2005

The Sun News | 10/29/2005 | Philanthropy passed down

The Sun News | 10/29/2005 | Philanthropy passed down: "WACCAMAW FOUNDATION

Philanthropy passed down

By Johanna D. Wilson

The Sun News

'You don't have to be wealthy to be a philanthropist.'
Mike Gerald | Waccamaw Community Foundation

A little boy learned the essence of a big word - philanthropy - when he discovered his daddy wrote a check and saved a camp.

Jerry Bisgrove, now 60, was nine when John Bisgrove did what he had to do to save Camp Columbus in Auburn, N.Y.

'Nobody knew about what my father did except the good monsignor,' Bisgrove said. 'My father always did things in a very quiet way. If somebody in church was in trouble, you knew my father's hand was in it helping out in some way.'"

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