Friday, January 06, 2006

BizNewOrleans: News

BizNewOrleans: News: "14 major nonprofits meet in New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS — Fourteen of the nation's largest nonprofit human services organizations are gathering in New Orleans today to reaffirm their collective commitment to focus on the human side of rebuilding lives in the Gulf Coast area.

In order to keep the focus on human needs during the long Gulf Coast recovery and rebuilding progress, the group will undertake a listening initiative to aggressively engage people, understand their needs and take those messages to those who can most effect change. This effort will begin in the first quarter of 2006 and include visits to communities throughout the affected areas.

'We remain committed to ensuring the viability of neighborhoods; providing for the development and education of children; and encouraging the self-sufficiency of the citizens of the area,' says Brian Gallagher of United Way of America. "

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