Monday, March 27, 2006

Charity Village®NewsWeek: Through the funder's eyes:

Charity Village®NewsWeek: Cover Story: "Through the funder's eyes: What funders want nonprofits to know about the funding process
Louise Chatterton LuchukBy Louise Chatterton Luchuk
March 27, 2006

This week's cover story is the first in a five-part series that offers nonprofit organizations a glimpse into their world from another perspective. In future installments, we will focus on the perspective of the media, volunteers, consultants, and donors and what they would like the nonprofit sector to know.

Nonprofit organizations are all too familiar with the time and effort that goes into researching funders and writing funding proposals. What they may not be as familiar with is the funder's perspective of the same funding process. This month, four different foundation representatives provide that perspective and share their tips for building relationships with funders and writing stronger funding proposals."

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