Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Give your old job a makeover. - Jan. 3, 2007

Give your old job a makeover. - Jan. 3, 2007:
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"3) Look outside the workplace, especially at nonprofits.

'Usually, nonprofits want to tap you to do things you're already good at. But for your own career growth, it's better to look for a 'stretch' assignment that will give you new skills you can take back to work with you,' says McCauley. 'For example, you can join a start-up nonprofit, to get experience at establishing something new. One executive told me he deliberately chose an advocacy organization, so he could practice persuading people of a point of view. You can also gain global or cross-cultural experience through nonprofits. I know a woman who works for a very U.S.-centric company, but who spends two weeks a year working for a nonprofit that provides educational services overseas. It's a valuable perspective.'"

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