Thursday, February 15, 2007 Money & Business: Gen X-ers: Stingy or Strapped? Money & Business: Gen X-ers: Stingy or Strapped?: "Gen X-ers: Stingy or Strapped?

By Kimberly Palmer

Posted 2/14/07

Generation X-ers might not be getting out their checkbooks for charity as much as their parents' generation did, but they have some pretty good excuses.

Americans 25 to 36 years old donated just $592 on average in 2000, while those in the same age range in 1973 (mostly pre-baby boomers) gave away the inflation-adjusted equivalent of $1,214, according to research by Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy to be released this spring. The reason for the difference, however, is more complicated than mere stinginess."

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Anonymous said...

I am somewhat tiered of being told how Gen X ers aren't interested in giving back. As a professional in the philanthropy field, I think the one reason Gen X ers don't give back, is because they want to feel connected. In the past, people just gave, no if you want my money or my peers money you better make sure that we feel engaged and connected.