Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Employer-Based Volunteerism Lures Gen Y Workers

Employer-Based Volunteerism Lures Gen Y Workers: "Employers looking to reel in Gen Y talent might want to make sure that they have a workplace that helps employees give back to the community."

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Anonymous said...

Being a journalism major, I never wanted to land myself a job smack-dab inside Corporate America. But large corporations offer more opportunities to give back, hence, I put on a shirt and tie and gave it a shot.

I can't say that I love being just another cog in the mechanics of big business, but at least I have the opportunity to volunteer on a plethora of non-profit projects.

I think a lot of Gen-Ys feel the if you're trapped in the corporate world just trying to make a buck, but have bigger aspirations of "saving the world" look into volunteering. It's definetely a big-business perk.