Monday, June 04, 2007

Nonprofits using loans to plug gaps -

Nonprofits using loans to plug gaps - "Earlier this month, the state Department of Human Services said it would not make payments on state contracts with area providers for 45 days because of the $800 million hole in the state budget.

For Dochas II, a Jackson childrens' counseling agency, it meant the organization couldn't make payroll.

Dochas II counsels about 65 at-risk Jackson children, visiting kids in their homes to prevent truancy and runaways. The 1-year-old agency's budget of about $290,000 is 100 percent state-funded.

Jane Meyers, executive director for Dochas II, turned to Ken Toll, executive director of the United Way. Within 24 hours, Toll and his board of directors approved a $10,000 emergency loan."

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