Friday, June 06, 2008

Nonprofits squeezed - Long Island Business News

Nonprofits squeezed - Long Island Business News: "When nonprofits suffer, those receiving services suffer, but also employees of the charities are hurt as well. The new study shows that in 2006 117,000 people were employed by about 3,000 agencies, generating almost $5 billion in payrolls. Between 2000 and 2006 nonprofit payrolls grew by 45 percent compared to 11.6 percent for total Long Island payrolls.

James Rennert, president of the Long Island chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, said he has not seen layoffs at Long Island charities, but has noted people who leave agencies are not replaced and other employees have to double up to fill the breach."


Anonymous said...

In spite of the squeeze nonprofits are feeling, long term fund development was not cited as a priority. Without some long term thinking, more nonprofits are likely to fail.

If the focus is constantly on today’s hot problem, the organization falls victim to the tyranny of the urgent. The flow of donations has its cycles, yet donors offering major gifts would be grateful to have their gifts continue to give well into the future. By building strong relationships with major donors, nonprofits create the opportunity for structured gifts. Such gifts are a step in the right direction to overcome urgent cash problems and assure future financial stability. Relationship management links communicating the vision and long term thinking to financial support.

This long term strategic thinking will appeal to business owners and executives among the donor base. Long term fund development will be necessary for the operational funding necessary to attract and retain necessary staffing. Business people are likely to support these efforts because they face the same recruitment and retention challenges. Making a gift that keeps on giving has tremendous appeal.

Unknown said...

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