Wednesday, June 03, 2009

InKind donations Guide to Mexico

Thanks to Roselena Sandoval, Manager, Mexico and Caribbean Services of AFP for suggesting this Resource.

Introduction: "For years, people have been making in-kind donations of goods to Mexico. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding of the legal process has led to problems getting the donations to the appropriate recipients. Recognizing the lack of understanding that most donors have about in-kind donations, this Guide has been developed to help those who want to give items to Mexico while also being in compliance with Mexican law. The Mexican tax authority, the Servicio de Administraci√≥n Tributaria, or SAT, has established a relatively simple process for giving goods to Mexico through in-kind donations to a specific class of Mexican non-governmental organizations (NGOs) known as Authorized Donees (“Donatarias Autorizadas”).1"

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