Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Growing Younger: Youth Recruitment in an Aging Nonprofit Sector

Growing Younger: Youth Recruitment in an Aging Nonprofit Sector: "A rapidly aging Canadian workforce, coupled with a decline in birth rates, creates a looming challenge for employers across job sectors — that of replacing retirees.

In the nonprofit world, where limited funds and job insecurity are inevitable, the mean age of employees has reached an unparalleled 43.3. Despite increased competition among young graduates in the workforce, recruiting young staff for nonprofits has become particularly difficult — and exceedingly pressing.

Last summer the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector released a report entitled Growing Younger: Tapping into the Talents of Early Career Employees, which examined the dearth of young people applying to nonprofits. It cited a 2009 Ipsos Reid study that found only 2% of the 16 to 27-year-old Canadians surveyed viewed the nonprofit sector as a desirable field."

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