Thursday, January 19, 2012

Typography 101 for Nonprofits | Achieve Guidance Blog

Typography 101 for Nonprofits | Achieve Guidance Blog: Creating collateral that is clear and sends the right message is very important for a successful fundraising campaign. Unfortunately, nonprofits are often met with the challenge of limited resources in finding the time and money to hire a good designer. I know that I speak for the entire Achieve staff when I say that we believe nonprofits should invest into a good designer! Especially with something as big as a fundraising campaign, if you do not have effective design you will have a hard time connecting with your audience, which leads to fewer donations.

But with that said, there are certainly times when nonprofits need to create a promotional piece internally, whether it be laying out a newsletter, a thank you card or a proposal. So here are a few basic guidelines to think about when you are using typography (fonts) in promotional pieces.

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