Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Development and Finance Can Get Along (Really!) | npENGAGE

How Development and Finance Can Get Along (Really!) | npENGAGE: Most people understand that their Development and Finance Departments are both critical to the success of their nonprofit organization. Many people, however, tend to forget just exactly what their counterparts in “the other office” actually do day-to-day.

Your Development Department is the “face” of your organization in your community. Every day, your Development staff members are competing with every other nonprofit organization on earth (potentially) for a share of the pool of dollars available from donors. Donors, God bless ‘em, are a fickle bunch, and our Development staff is responsible for keeping them happy, and ensuring that they continue to give. That last point might be the most important: your Development staff can never rest on its laurels. Prospecting for new donors and soliciting for more, and bigger, gifts from current donors is a never-ending process, and anyth

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