Thursday, April 10, 2014

The power of local philanthropy | news @ Northeastern

The power of local philanthropy | news @ Northeastern: Rebecca Riccio, director of the Social Impact Lab at North�eastern Uni�ver�sity, was recently asked to jus�tify the prac�tice of local phil�an�thropy in the United States when a dollar can go so much fur�ther in other countries.

In response, Riccio acknowl�edged the math behind that state�ment but empha�sized that local phil�an�thropy is much more than just a trans�ac�tional equa�tion. “I see local phil�an�thropy as a deeply held value, a trust, that is not just about money, but about engaging in and taking respon�si�bil�i�ties for our com�mu�ni�ties,” Riccio said.

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