Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Letter To A CEO: The Surprising View In The Mirror

Letter To A CEO: The Surprising View In The Mirror: I sincerely applaud your decision to commit a greater part of yourself to a favorite charity. And by extension, committing your company, as well. But in your zeal to rush forward, you’re only glimpsing the reflection from one side of the mirror. Turn it around and what do you see?

Your employees.

Often just as passionate and dedicated as you are, eager to lend deeper purpose to their jobs and more meaning to their lives. Hungry for the opportunity to give back at work, alongside their fellow colleagues and you. Yes, you. Many of them want to know you better, and what better way than through improving the world together? They’d relish the chance to get involved in philanthropic work at work, participating in giving campaigns, pitching in at volunteering events, competing with each other at crowdfunding events for the grand prize.

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