Tuesday, August 04, 2015

How Have Black Lives Mattered to American Philanthropy? | HistPhil

How Have Black Lives Mattered to American Philanthropy? | HistPhil: "It’s telling that I wrote a book on the Ford Foundation, the largest philanthropy of post-World War II America, yet when I was invited to give a talk last year in a series on the ethic of “care,” I almost trashed the e-mail, making no connection between my work on philanthropy and the idea of “care.” How strange. After all, by definition philanthropy is care in action; philanthropists’ generosity supports social causes that promote the welfare of others. Why didn’t I associate this work with “care”? There are some obvious reasons, including the sheer scale, scope, and bureaucratic complexity of big foundations like Ford, which understandably make it hard to see the care behind institutional practices. However, my work on philanthropic efforts for African Americans has led me to a more particular and insidious answer."

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