Wednesday, September 01, 2004

WKOW Headlines

WKOW Headlines: "27 News Investigation: Your Donations to Non-Profit Groups may not be as much as you think.

In the basement of a building on Madison's State Street, telemarketers solicit people to support wheelchair basketball, missing children, firefighters and other charitable causes. The call center is operated by Xentel, a multinational corporation based in Canada. WKOW-27 News has uncovered that in some cases, a huge percentage of the dollars brought in by Xentel's telemarketers never benefits their non profit clients. Xentel's practices are legal, but consumer advocates urge people to demand answers of Xentel and other telemarketing operations before writing any checks.
Records obtained by WKOW-27 News show in 2003, Xentel raised $2,003,319 for one of its non profit clients, Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin. Records show Xentel kept $1,414,119 of those donations, or 71%. "

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