Monday, December 27, 2004

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Investing in the possible

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Investing in the possible: "Investing in the possible
By Kate Riley
Seattle Times editorial columnist
Kate Riley / Times staff columnist

Marissa Smith is lucky Maureen Benoliel is hard to buy gifts for.
Three years ago for her birthday, Benoliel's son and husband decided to create a scholarship in her name.
What a great idea! A no-size gift that won't wear out and is tax deductible. A gift that expands opportunities for someone less fortunate, maybe helps someone become the first in the family to graduate college.
Benoliel embraced the idea, deciding to help a highly motivated young woman who completed community college and was enrolling at Seattle University. Last spring, she walked down the aisle at commencement with Marissa Smith. Now working as a corporate legal intern, Smith studied criminal justice, is applying to law school and wants to work"

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