Monday, March 07, 2005

From honorable charity to shallow profiteering - The Trident - News

From honorable charity to shallow profiteering - The Trident - News: "Since Lance Armstrong's 'Livestrong' wristbands, countless copycat bracelets have been made and sold to raise funds and awareness for nearly every human adversity from cancer to tsunami relief. Many merchants have broken into the rubber wristband market, but it is often unclear how much money, if any, wristband retailers are donating to the charities the bands were made for.

Many companies sell charity-related wristbands online, but not all make it clear whether or not they actually donate money to the charities the wristbands were made to support.

Some online vendors have taken advantage of the rubber bracelets' popularity by buying bracelets directly from charities like the Lance Armstrong Foundation and selling them to consumers at an inflated price. On one such website,, the lower portion of the webpage says, '...we purchase the Livestrong bracelets from them [the Lance Armstrong Foundation] and resell them at a higher price, just like how other hundreds of other people do.' "

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