Monday, March 07, 2005

onPhilanthropy - Nonprofits Face Challenges from Washington

onPhilanthropy - Nonprofits Face Challenges from Washington: "Nonprofits Face Challenges from Washington
By: Rita O�Dea, 03/04/05
According to the old saying, �The only things certain are death and taxes.� However, today there is quite a bit of uncertainty with regards to taxes, especially for the nonprofit sector. There are competing opinions regarding the health of the sector in the current tax environment, and indeed, how the current tax environment will shape the health of the sector for the years ahead. In The State of Nonprofit America (Brooking Institution Press), Kirsten A. Gronberg of Indiana University and Lester M. Salamon of Johns Hopkins University identify how government affects nonprofit operations: through its spending decisions, its tax policies, its regulations, and its broader policy structure. And with tax policy as the �central economic policy focus of the Bush Administration from 2001 to 2004 with no fewer than five significant tax acts enacted,� tax policy is very important to"

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