Friday, May 27, 2005 - Non-profit professionals profit in other ways - Non-profit professionals profit in other ways: "Non-profit professionals profit in other ways

As a member of the boomer generation, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon among my peers. Many who have had successful careers in the private sector are ready to chuck it all and move to the non-profit world. The good news is that many non-profits are welcoming these people with open arms. Nancy Lee, owner of Social Marketing Services, teaches courses on non-profit management at Seattle University and University of Washington. She points out, ``Non-profits are looking for people who are experienced with entrepreneurship, revenue streams, customer service and performance management. They need people who have spent some time in for-profit business and are strategic thinkers.''
What is the appeal of working in non-profit where hours can be just as long, salaries are generally lower and many jobs are contingent upon grant money? Motivation varies, as do the opportunities, based on these Islanders' stories."

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