Friday, May 27, 2005

news - CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Interview With Juan Williams of National Public Radio

Secy Rice comments on Public Service and Philanthropy On NPR

news - CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Interview With Juan Williams of National Public Radio:
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"SECRETARY RICE: Well, except for the part about women being more powerful. (Laughter.) I don�t like everything I see in pop culture either, but I do know that it�s enormously influential around the world. It�s very attractive around the world. But I would hope that people would see not just some of the rougher sides of American pop culture but would also see a lot of the young people � you know I�m a university professor at heart � and see these young people as � you know the fastest growing activity on college campuses is public service, kids who go to soup kitchens and help out or tutor in the barrios or start programs in poor neighborhoods or mentor kids or deliver food for the elderly. At many universities now you can actually take classes in which you get credit for doing public service. And so I would hope that that part of America�s youth would also be seen abroad because America is one of the great philanthropic societies on the face of the earth, and I mean everything from the high end of philanthropy where people who are wealthy give to universities and give and build foundations and do all kinds of good, to the fact that in churches and synagogues and mosques people give alms to the poor. Or you look at the response of Americans to the tsunami. It was in every community and in every neighborhood and in every church, mosque or synagogue that people were raising funds for the tsunami."

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