Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NP Times /-Deciding When Not To Accept A Big Gift

NP Times / Special Report: 2006 Salary Survey: "Deciding When Not To Accept A Big Gift
Ethical dilemmas can be planned for avoidance

By Mark Hrywna

Most of the things Mike Patterson sees in his position as associate vice president of planned giving for the Arthritis Foundation and living in San Antonio, Texas, are pretty straightforward. Any ethical dilemmas he encounters might only be hypothetical.
“That’s not to say that the planned giving community doesn’t occasionally run into these issues,” Patterson said.
For example, one hypothetical situation might be: should you accept a planned gift from someone who you know received or raised the money illegally?
Educating potential donors about what they can or cannot do in terms of a gift is important. “Obviously, with everything we do in planned giving, that’s our job,” he said."

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