Friday, June 02, 2006

Charity Navigator - 2006 Metro Market Study

Charity Navigator - 2006 Metro Market Study: "harity Navigator recently completed our fourth annual national study to determine and analyze any statistical differences that may exist in the financial practices of charities located in different metropolitan markets across America.

We began by segmenting the charities in our database into the major metropolitan markets. This year we expanded the scope of the study by adding five markets for a total of 30. The new markets are: Charlotte, NC, Portland, OR, Kansas City, KS & MO, Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL.

* The 30 metro markets account for 55% of the 5,000 charities evaluated by Charity Navigator.
* These charities generate 65% of the total revenue and total expenses.
* The largest market included 535 charities and the smallest comprised 30."

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