Monday, June 08, 2009

Asian American Giving: New philanthropy resources (06/07/09)

Asian American Giving: New philanthropy resources (06/07/09): "The philanthropy field is now so popular that new studies are coming out almost every week. Three studies were released in the past several weeks that I think are worthwhile to take a look at. First, corporate foundation giving will decline in 2009 so nonprofits that are working on their 2009 budgets now should take this reduction of revenue stream into consideration. Second, a study of giving circles and how it impacts giving and civic engagement was released. Since giving circles are social vehicles, it was not suprising that those that participate in giving circles have a higher engagement with their communities. However, more research on giving circles and how they impact communities like the Asian American community is still needed. Third, women play a prominent role in philanthropic decisions and not surprisngly - are much more open to receiving advice on their giving. As I come across more philanthropic research that affects our community in the future, I will be sure to share it with you."

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