Friday, July 31, 2009

Kids charity hopes to set 'back pack toss' world record

Kids charity hopes to set 'back pack toss' world record: "The Back Pack Toss is a safety mechanism for kids. It's an indicator that something bad has taken place and that the police needs to be notified immediately.

Every kid that goes to school has a back pack. While walking, if a vehicle pulls up beside them that they are unsure of, they should step away from the vehicle and each time they take a step, they should undo the zipper of their back pack. If the vehicle's door opens, they should toss the back pack as hard as they can, ran away as fast as they can and yell for help. A dropped back pack, and the debris scattered all over the place - books, papers, lunch containers, pencils - will serve as a warning signal that adults will recognize."

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