Monday, July 18, 2011

Bobby Sager: the not-so-secret millionaire - Telegraph

Bobby Sager: the not-so-secret millionaire - Telegraph: "Among his first schemes to get a better return on his money was the endowment of an annual scholarship at his alma mater, Brandeis University in Boston, which sponsored groups of students from countries in conflict – India and Pakistan, China and Tibet, members of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Rwanda – to come to Massachusetts and study together for a year. “The idea was that these students would meet each other, develop friendships, and that down the road that would pay a really big dividend.” When he decided to devote himself to full-time philanthropy, he felt he needed to spend his money on projects in the Third World, in what he calls “really messed-up places” – but if he simply donated to a charitable cause or tried to fund foreign initiatives from an office in the United States, it would do little to help those who needed it. Instead, he believed it would be better if he took himself – and his business acumen – directly to the source of the problems."

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