Friday, November 09, 2012

Beyond Competition, Running for a Cause -

Beyond Competition, Running for a Cause - Last year, according to the New York Road Runners, organizers of the New York City Marathon, more than $34 million was raised for charity. Moreover, fund-raising experts expect that the vast majority of runners in this year’s race will still honor their commitments.

“I’m sure they’re disappointed, and there might be some who are annoyed,” said Michael Nilsen, spokesman for the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Arlington, Va. “But based on what we’ve seen in other situations where a charity event has been canceled because of weather or some other once-in-a-lifetime type circumstance, people generally don’t take it out on the charity.”

Mr. Nilsen said he would not be surprised to see “two-thirds, maybe more” of the charity marathoners meet their commitment to deliver the money they raised.

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