Monday, January 14, 2013

3 Key Elements of Capitalist Philanthropy - Forbes

3 Key Elements of Capitalist Philanthropy - Forbes: Capitalist philanthropy begins with a profitable organization and then moves quickly to incorporate social impact. It is quite similar to social entrepreneurship, although that term tends to involve a non-profit structure with a direct focus on a cause or the environment. Capitalist philanthropy falls into the ‘Triple-Win’ model of being valuable to clients, profitable for the organization, and positively affecting the world. The term is not brand new, but is being discussed more often as the millennial generation has developed a strong desire for meaningful work. Perhaps this is as a result of the ‘profit at all cost’ mantra that led our nation to the brink of financial collapse recently. As one savvy Los Angeles entrepreneur, Brent Bushnell, told me recently, “Companies without social impact culture will soon be obsolete.” Here are 3 key elements to move your organization into capitalist philanthropy:

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