Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A New Year for Asian Philanthropy to Make an Impact

A New Year for Asian Philanthropy to Make an Impact: The Rise of Philanthropy in Asia. This blog series explores emerging developments in efforts to measure the impact of Asian philanthropy, especially in China. In 2007, The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s cover story was “Philanthropy’s New Frontier” and featured the ultra-wealthy Li Ka Shing from Hong Kong. The feature story’s backdrop was the economic rise of Asia and consequently the boom of wealthy individuals and their forays into philanthropy. Philanthropists in Asia, as well as those based in the West, are investing in social programs and organizations to tackle societal problems and create new systems for sustainability and resilience. But what have these efforts produced? And what are the legal, economic, and social trends motivating or hindering efforts to evaluate the impact of Asian philanthropy?

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