Thursday, January 07, 2016

Charity in the Checkout Line | CAF America

Charity in the Checkout Line | CAF America: "A recent study conducted by the Good Scout Group found that 71% of consumers surveyed have participated in a charity at checkout program. This success rate has ensured that, despite the fact that 66% of donors give less than $2, such programs can still raise an incredibly impactful amount of money. In their most recent exploration of point of sale donations, the Cause Marketing Forum found that the 63 largest corporations who participated in these campaigns raised $358 million in 2012. There are promising signs in the Good Scout Group’s study that this figure can continue to grow. Of respondents who recall the last charity they supported at the register 79% felt more positively about that charity, a strong indication that they would be likely to support that organization again in the future. Additionally, 60% of consumers felt more positively about retailers who participated in such programs, making them more likely to remain loyal to those brands moving forward. Charity in the checkout line presents itself as a win-win for both charities and retail corporations."

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