Sunday, January 23, 2005 / News / Local / Mystery donor aids academy / News / Local / Mystery donor aids academy: "Mystery donor aids academy
By Lynn Walters, Globe Correspondent | January 23, 2005
The recent $25 million donation to Phillips Exeter Academy by a benefactor who desires no credit is one of the largest of its kind ever bestowed upon an independent school, experts say.

What makes the anonymous donation even more striking, they said, is its focus on faculty development, rather than brick-and-mortar edifices.
''Giving is often motivated by a desire to continue one's legacy in the form of your name on a building,' said Myra McGovern, director of public information for the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). ''So for someone to contribute this much without seeking that recognition, it is pretty remarkable. And, for it to be toward human development, it recognizes boarding school teachers go beyond the call of duty 24/7.'"

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