Friday, January 28, 2005

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles

The Jewish Journal Of Greater Los Angeles: "Nonprofits Refocus 2005 Funding Efforts
by David Finnigan, Contributing Writer
At the Israel advocacy group StandWithUs, executive director Roz Rothstein can look back wistfully on a seemingly more innocent time when fundraising was less convoluted for the four-year-old group.
�Life was simple when we had one brochure, one Web site and two or three people on staff,� Rothstein said. �Now, we have five Web sites, multiple speakers, brochures in multiple languages, over 10 people on staff, a shipping department and we are looking at opening up a New York office, as well as chapters around the country. We have a healthy budget and strong community support. The biggest challenge is always development.�"

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