Sunday, January 23, 2005 :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source: "Bentonville-based retailer is usually low-key about charitable giving, allowing good works to speak for themselves. But that could be a thing of the past. 'We give more cash to charity than any company in America,' said company spokesman Jay Allen. The Wal-Mart Foundation will donate $158 million to community causes this year. 'We thought we�d do that, be modest about it and everything will be OK. But we need to go out and tell that story to people,' he said.
Wal-Mart is setting aside its humble stance because of growing criticism about the company�s treatment of workers and its impact on the communities where it locates, Allen said.
Cheering its good deeds is part a national public-relations campaign to repair Wal-Mart�s image. The company premiered its high-profile advertising blitz Jan. 13 by placing full-page advertisements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today. Chief Executive Officer H. Lee Scott made a rare appearance on Good Morning America, defending the company�s practices. On the air and in the print ads, Scott said Wal-Mart is mischaracterized by critics.

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