Monday, April 11, 2005

Cellphone charity bosses charged with fraud

Cellphone charity bosses charged with fraud: "Cellphone charity bosses charged with fraud
Well-meaning Oklahomans who thought they were donating used cell phones to help battered women were duped by the owners of Oklahoma City-based Save a Life Give a Phone Foundation, Inc., Attorney General Drew Edmondson has alleged.
Domingo Frias-Payan, 24, and Heather Frias-Payan, 25, were charged last week in Oklahoma County District Court with one felony count of racketeering and 11 counts of violating the Oklahoma Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Act. Domingo Frias-Payan was also charged with one count of violating the Oklahoma Securities Act and one count of offering forged or false instruments for record. The state also filed a separate civil action asking the court for a temporary injunction prohibiting the company from conducting business while the state seeks legal remedies to permanently shut down the allegedly fraudulent business."

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