Monday, April 18, 2005

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Cover Story -"Funding Still Matters: The issue that can't be ignored

Charity Village� NewsWeek: Cover Story: "Funding Still Matters: The issue that can't be ignored
April 18, 2005
By Nicole Zummach

If you missed the 'underground bestseller' that took Canada's nonprofit sector by storm in 2003, that might be because it's not actually for sale. Katherine Scott's seminal report, Funding Matters, is available as a free download on the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) web site. However, unlike many free reports that are downloaded with the best of intentions, never to be looked at again, this one is causing a major stir in the sector. Even though it's been almost two years since it was released, Scott's research on Canada's new funding regime and its impact on nonprofit and voluntary organizations continues to strike a chord with people.
The right report at the right time
Scott, who is also vice president of research at CCSD, says there is a lot of frustration in the nonprofit sector. Organizations are trying to do good work in the community, yet many funders fail to recognize that the lack of core funding and organizational support is hampering their ability to actually do programming. 'I think [nonprofits] feel that they are in a box and it doesn't matter how hard they work, or how many fundraisers they hold, or how often they talk about difficulties, their concerns are falling on deaf ears.'"

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